Since that time it became possible to buy the Apple Watch Series 5, I started to use them. Did I do it out of technical interest, knowing that they are not much different from the fourth generation. It’s been a few weeks, I’ve been using a new product under normal conditions and in the way, and is now ready to make conclusions about the feasibility of their acquisition. Looking ahead, I will say that the comparison be short-lived, and the findings are very specific.

The Color Of The Apple Watch Series 5

First and foremost, I liked the fact that this time I got the black watch. The first generation I had a black. With those hours I went before the release of Series 4 and wanted to try the gray version. Year they were used, but never used. If you, like me, think that we ought to try gray do not rush. Perhaps you will be disappointed.

In addition to classic black and grey watch has a Golden option. Also now watches are available in aluminum, steel, titanium and ceramic casings. Depending on the material brilliance and hue of the case will be different.

My hours were officially purchased in Russia, so it is a regular aluminum model. At first impression I was wondering, why not put us all models. Let them will not work eSIM, but you will be able to choose from a significantly greater number of chassis options. In the end, the iPhone is sold with eSIM that simply doesn’t work, why did you watch? Moreover, some operators provide the possibility of registration of eSIM, but that’s a topic for another conversation.

The first impression of the Apple Watch Series 5

Let us briefly recall, what I had first impression. I note that my opinion coincided with the views of all who I showed this watch.

Outwardly they do not differ from the fourth generation. This is good as time, a significant change has not yet come, and the case in last year’s model was very successful.

Sitting watch like a year ago. The difference in speed between the last two generations and if there is, it is insignificant. The function “always on screen” at first seems a toy, but then it starts to get used to.

At the same time, the compass and the compass initially seem somewhat useless, though interesting. Tell me who you need to understand that around 80 decibels of noise? If you’re not in the room, you will notice it.

The experience of using Apple Watch Series 5

During use of the Apple Watch Series 5, I not only have plenty of napolitana their normal daily routine, but and floated them in the pool, worked in the hall and even went to the mountains when I got carried away for a few days in the Bavarian Alps. Even though this “hike” is possible to call a walk, but long and thorough.

The first thing I clearly said to myself, this option “always on screen”. It really is very comfortable, especially in those moments when you need to discreetly check the time, sitting in a meeting. There are situations when you do not want to show everyone that you’re watching time. In addition, I noticed that is faster to read the time. That is, I raise my hand, see the time and once it is lowered, the screen does not even have time to join in the normal mode. It is very convenient! Even in the pool to glance at the clock has become easier.

Sprashivati can I adjust the screen so that it does not burn that night. Such a possibility is not found, but absolutely not bright and does not interfere with its glow to sleep. And here’s a handy off screen when watch is not on hand, does not always work, and I was not able to understand what it depends on. But when the disconnection mechanism is activated, it is very convenient. So watch spend even less charge.

Generally, if you use the “always on screen”, forget about even a little bit decent autonomy. Enough hours a little more than a day, if you do not use the additional features like training mode or playing music. Definitely have to charge them every day! Especially if you use the tracking volume.

At first I played with it, but quickly realized that it is not particularly needed. Watch a couple of times told me that around very noisy, but I understand it being in the heart of the bustling German beer. The first time I even brought up the volume display on a modular dial, but then removed it and even turned off the functionI did not consider it indispensable. Let’s discuss in our Telegram chat, whether such a function in your opinion

The third innovation of hours I did. When we went to the 20-kilometer route through the mountains, the compass was very handy. He helped to figure out where we were going. Of course, without it we would not get lost, it just somehow quieter. I am glad that the compass works well, and its correct operation is not necessary to keep the arm so that the screen is substantially parallel to the ground. A fairly natural hand position. Here are just some of the straps may be affecting his work — this Apple warns immediately. Undertake to assume that we are talking about people who have metal.

In addition to the mountains, the compass helped in the city. If you open the map, you will see not just point but also the direction in which the standing face. Prior to that the navigation on the clock was still fun and I hardly ever used it. Now I have revised this process. Sometimes it really is easier to go without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.about the compass is also not to say that he’s a killer feature.

Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5 Apple Watch

I have been asked is whether to buy the Apple Watch Series 5. I always answered that it depends on the needs and budget.

If you have a need and/or the simple desire to have the functionality described above, the extra few thousand for you no problem, the novelty is definitely for you.

If the “always on screen” and the noise you don’t need, and what hour you do not expect to use, you should not overpay. In this case, feel free to take Series 4. If you’ll pay for the fifth generation and just disable all the new features that you don’t need, you will receive the same Series 4, but more expensive. This is why Apple and removed from the sales of the previous generation, leaving as a “cheap” model Series 3.