Two weeks that have passed since the release of the new iPhone 11, the journalists, it seemed, examined them from all sides, giving all three devices range expertise on all parameters. Carefully examined the quality of build, colour screens, the power consumption of gadgets and even their opportunities in terms of photo and video shooting. A detailed overview of what we did. But as it turned out, the new smartphones have unusual features that begin to manifest themselves exclusively at night.

The author of the YouTube channel andProjects, dedicated to different kind of experiments, published on a video hosting of original video with the new iPhone 11. Empirically, the new owner of Apple gadget latest model found that the back panel of the smartphone glows in the dark. The effect is observed when the flashlight. The author of the video clearly showed how the flash illuminates around the perimeter of the back panel is made of glass. It is not known whether this effect originally intended by the designers from Cupertino, or it was an accident. However, unexpected effects have not been previously reported.

This effect can be achieved due to the fact that the back cover is made from a single piece of glass with a matte surface. Due to this properties light scatters across the surface of the cover, mysteriously illuminating region. The owners of the “older” models also provide a similar effect, but they are not obviously visible.

In addition to the glow in the dark hulls, iPhone 11 began to notice other unusual, but less pleasant properties of new products. Users of Chinese social network Weibo has begun to spread on the pages pictures taken in the evening or at night. A characteristic feature of all photographs — artifacts, and how to write some photographers, “ghosts” and “UFOs” accidentally captured them on camera.

Artifacts when shooting

According to the authors of spoiled shots, most shooting defects can be detected at the photos taken in low light conditions. While most often complain about the problem of those who bought iPhone 11 Pro. The owners of lower-priced smartphones such problems occur much less frequently.

Artifacts when shooting on the iPhone 11

Professional photographers hastened to reassure the owners of the new iPhone: similar phenomena are often encountered in photos taken with smartphones. The problem, according to them, lies in the design of mobile cameras. However, optimism of the iPhone this statement is not added.

Artifacts when shooting on the iPhone 11 Pro

Apple has not yet responded to these allegations publicly, that does not mean that she ignored them. Probably, experts are already studying the problem, to share possible solutions in the near future.