Despite the fact that according to the General belief that the perfect smartphone doesn’t exist, journalists, Consumer Reports thinks otherwise. All year round they test new devices to identify their advantages and disadvantages and then conclude what the novelty was the model or at least close to this title. Judging by the fact that these guys are very responsible approach to the grading, awarding each score is really impartial, then, is not to trust their opinion about iPhone 11 Pro Maxprobably makes no sense.

Last weekend, the magazine Consumer Reports published an updated rating of smartphones, which include iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Before this apparatus was subjected to thorough testing. The experts checked the quality of their photos and videos, measured the battery and made sure of their strength. Consumer Reports is very well suited to testing new products, so every test, which subjected the smartphone was clearly designed in such a way to avoid misfires and to bring them closer to actual use.

iPhone with best battery life

For example, in the test on the autonomy of the iPhone set on a special stand with a robotic finger that is programmed to perform the tasks of the widest spectrum, simulating the model using the average user. The robot flips through the news in a browser, takes pictures, use GPS navigation, make calls and much more. The result is measured time, which worked for a smartphone, and experts verdict. In the case of iPhone 11 Pro Max autonomy was 40.5 hours against 29.5 hours iPhone XS Max.

Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max experts Consumer Reports called one of the best in the class, especially going into the technical details of the shooting. However, it’s business as usual for the magazine, which focuses mostly on test results, without paying special attention to the specifications. Therefore, in the test of photo and video iPhone 11 Pro Max has shown itself from the best side, a great deal like photographing stationary subjects and when recording video on the main camera.

Most durable iPhone

As promised Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is stronger than last year’s model. Apparently, custom glass manufacturing Corning has done its job. As a result, the smartphone is decently endured 100 spins in the drum, escaped with only small and minor scratches that do not affect its functionality nor the perception. But iPhone 11 Pro, which is strange, as a result of this test suffered more serious losses — the screen just stops responding to touch. Maybe the smartphone just a bad fall, which gives reason to doubt the objectivity of the test. But probably because he is so close to real life conditions, where objective and does not smell.