Despite the fact that usually Apple is doing its best to hide information on upcoming updates until the presentation, update all the talking for her. For several years now, Apple developers are introducing references to new products in new versions of operating systems, where they easily isolate developers-enthusiasts. Unfortunately, one race at a time and if one update can safely be called a veritable mine of information, others turn out to be phony as from the point of view of new features and leaks. But not macOS 10.15.1.

The second beta version of macOS 10.15.1, which were released yesterday evening, contains the complete image has not yet announced a MacBook Pro with a screen size of 16.1 inches, learned colleagues from the publication MacGeneration. The novelty could take a 15-inch version, so they are similar to each other, but in the update operating system there are references to both models, which also have different names with reference to the diagonal of the screen. Therefore, this image can be considered the first real confirmation of the existence of MacBook Pro 16″.

What distinguishes the MacBook Pro 15″ from a MacBook Pro 16″

Right MacBook Pro 15″, left — MacBook Pro 16″

Externally, increased MacBook Pro is virtually identical 15-inch model, which he will have to replace. The only thing that gives it a novelty, is more thin frame around the display. However, notice the difference only in direct comparison and if you know what you want to compare. Somehow, in Cupertino decided not to upgrade the 16-inch model outwardly, though it was quite expected, given that Apple operates the same design professional line of laptops for the fourth year in a row.

But what you will notice almost immediately is not sticky keyboard. The fact that Cupertino has finally acknowledged that the mechanisms of “butterfly” that Apple engineers were trying to improve for four generations, were not sufficiently reliable, and therefore it was decided to replace the advanced version of scissors, which the company refused in 2016. But even if “scissors” will remain the same, it will still be better than what we have now.

Characteristics MacBook Pro 16″

However, surprise users of MacBook Pro 16” will not be a polished appearance or keyboard, and its capabilities. According to the analyst TF International Securities, the novelty will be the most powerful model in the line of Apple laptops. From Cupertino are preparing a set of high-performance processor and graphics accelerator. However, the exact specifications of the novelty are not revealed yet, but most likely it will be the most advanced chip from Intel and the most modern graphics by Radeon.