Affordable prices – it’s not about Apple. Despite the fact that this year, Apple realized that not everyone can and want to buy smartphones for thousands of dollars and reduced the same price of the iPhone 11, in General, the company’s policy remains the same. In any case, in relation to the “real” flagships with the prefix Pro everything remains as it was. Well, nothing, I think many users have reduced for the same model, will achieve for others. But no, after a year we are facing yet another price increase, and I must say, very noticeable.

Price iPhone 12, which will be released next year, will be even higher than the current generation. With such a forecast made by analyst TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo. And since his predictions tend to come true, to doubt his words almost not necessary. According to Kuo, the price may be about 20% higher than today is iPhone 11 Pro in its base configuration, with a storage capacity of 64 GB. It has at least two logical reasons.

iPhone with support for 5G

5G — high speed Internet for lots of money

The first reason is to support 5G, the development of which involves a lot of expenses. Firstly, the modem-enabled networks of the fifth generation itself is quite expensive. So Qualcomm, which is the only provider of these modems, even supplying them separately from the flagship Snapdragon processor 855, allowing you to save the manufacturers that buy. Secondly, due to the fact that 5G modem at work produces a lot of heat, its integration would require Apple to develop for iPhone 12 appropriate cooling system to prevent overheating.

The second reason is the company’s desire to move away from existing design and make iPhone 12 in the style close to that of iPhone 4. However in Cupertino not want to use the same glass and metal, as in iPhone 11. It was therefore decided to bet on composite materials. It is not very clear what exactly is meant by this term. But according to Ming-Chi Kuo, it is also quite noticeable impact on the cost of the apparatus. As a result, the analyst in the retail price of the iPhone 12 will increase to $ 1,200.

How much is a smartphone with 5G

Huawei with support for 5G were more expensive iPhone 12

At first glance, this prediction seems improbable. Well, where, in the end, more to drive up the price of the already expensive iPhone frankly? But this is only the basic configuration. So, more advanced versions will cost even more. But upon closer examination it becomes clear that 1200 dollars for a flagship smartphone with support for 5G from A-brand is even acceptable. In any case, the Galaxy S10 5G Samsung Mate 20 X from Huawei are as much as $ 1,300 at quite walk-through by the standards of modern devices characteristics. And, knowing Apple, we can expect something really breakthrough in terms of technical equipment and design.