Everyone, including Apple itself were extremely skeptical of the prospects for iPhone all 11 varieties on the market. The more the media met the “Apple” of the novelty is not very friendly, rebuking them for appearance, the lack of support for 5G and selling wireless charging and Apple is not the same, iPhone is not the same. But it all went a bit wrong, as expected.

Apple impressed a disastrous holiday quarter a year ago, amid falling interest in smart phones (the decline continues), has shown commendable caution in ordering components for the new smartphones. Themselves smartphones “made” less than last year. From 13 to 20 September, when new items could be pre-ordered, rang the first bell: orders was much more than expected. Retail in the first days after the start of sales is rapidly absorbed from stockpiles just a little bit in the way of the triumphant success of the company will be a deficit. Taking extraordinary measures Apple handled it. Chinese collectors had to work overtime, but disruptions in the supply not made. A new trouble came: ordered components end. An additional batch ordered, Apple is negotiating new contracts with lower prices – and its partners fear that the demand here will decline and they will incur losses. It is not excluded.

But predictions of prophets do not come true, one by one. In the holiday quarter of 2018, the total number of sold iPhone XR/XS/XS Max 55% were more XR cheap iPhone. Both variations of the iPhone XS had only 45%. This ratio was developed from the beginning of sales and then not changed. Of course, all of whom demand forecasts are based in your hard work for the experience, but this year, this approach did not work. In an indirect but quite reliable data (below I will describe how some of them), for the first weeks leading iPhone 11 Pro, normal and Max – they have 55%. IPhone simple 11 – 45%. It’s “in pieces”, information on the number of units sold, Apple is now not published (kept secret?). And all along they had sold considerably more than a year ago.

The collection and analysis of original data performed by analysts of several companies in Southeast Asia, mainly in Taiwan. For example, you notorious Ming Chi-Kuo. the vast majority of components used in the iPhone, is produced in this region. Manufacturers of components information about the production and the fate of the components, not hide it. In addition, a good analyst is required to have informants in the places in which his work of greatest interest. Data on the number of collected iPhone strictly secret, this is followed by those who have them not official access they are not disclosed. But take into account. The network published widely differing data on sales iPhone 11 all varieties – but according to these analysts, I believe more.

Claims to a new iPhone it was a lot. They are not without shortcomings, it is a fact. While everything, even cheap smartphones, learn 5G, all iPhones 11 exclusively equipped with components to work with 4G. All iPhone 11, or at least in both versions of the iPhone 11 Pro was supposed to be support “reverse wireless charging” – but at the last moment before release, support for this function has been played back. Well least: outdated design (it’s because of the bangs, I think for anybody it is no more), Lightning instead of USB-C 64 GB flash memory in the cheapest configurations and prohibitively-blatantly, brazenly high price. All as always. No chance of success. However, the iPhone 11 Pro named best smartphone of the year in several publications.

the iPhone 5G will not?

It would be possible to remember the historical precedents: the very first iPhone, released in the midst of the expansion of networks of the 3rd generation, only supported network generation 2.5. For a number of reasons: first, it was not up to 3G, the new device even after its release in light of the problems was the roof over their decision worked almost the whole company (summoning!); second the first model was intended for use exclusively in the territory of the United States or any other country, even Canada or Mexico, it has not been certified – and in the US at the moment 3G is almost not there. In the technical specification 3G was, but the strong-willed decision of one person it was moved to later. The public was furious, the iPhone has become a best-seller.

At the moment, 5G is a lot of issues, including organizational. In the coming year, if not longer, these problems will not disappear. In the USA the network of the fifth generation are almost not supported, they engaged in the only provider — it seems that Sprint. Nowadays, the smartphones have not decided to buy every year now buy them at least a year or two and most likely, two years later, with 5G all ustakanilos. Expensive smartphones (and even the iPhone 11 for cheap not the case) without the support of the 5G will be deprived of important opportunities. Alas, all right – but it happened. To support 5G on the level of “quality standards” is impossible. For good, I think, reasons.

Best manufacturer 5G-components currently Qualcomm. Between Apple and Qualcomm have recently been severe and protracted conflict. Negotiate a lower price chips with the enemy was unpleasant and futile. Perhaps Apple refused to sell what she needed. Anyway, all the chips for cell communication in all iPhone 11 from Intel. With Qualcomm now the world and the agreement for a period of 6 years acceptable to both parties. All that is necessary to support 5G Apple already has. iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max at the time of the conclusion of peace and the agreement was ready for presentation, they have massively produced, to change something was already late. What is more, it was decided to dispense with the 5G.

In July Apple made with Intel about the acquisition of the last unit on the development of mobile modems and associated chips. Apple acquires 2 200 unit employees, all equipment and technology used, 25 thousand patents and the like. For this Apple will pay Intel $ 1 billion. The deal must still be approved by Federal authorities (not earlier than in December), after which, if all goes well, before the new subdivision of the Apple will develop something insanely great and unbearably steep, staff and equipment need to move to Cupertino to work to clarify and Refine (or develop from scratch) a project of this wonder product. It takes time. I was sure that will begin to bear fruit in 2021, but experts say that it will happen no earlier than in 2023-2024 year. And before that, the iPhone will use 5G modems from Qualcomm.

Selling wireless charging

In my opinion, the term is not too good. As in the original. It is very similar to another one with a completely different meaning. We are talking about the ability not only to recharge your batteries (that is, to take it from external Syrah), but also to share the accumulated energy with his brethren (that is, to give). You will not believe it, but invented and patented this trick Apple in 2016. Here’s the illustration to that patent:

Reverse charging in the iPhone could find their place

Interesting way of charging your Apple Watch

The question was studied thoroughly, the technology planned to use the iPhone in 2017, the iPhone 8/8+/X along with wireless charging – the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and all that. But if you teach the iPhone to charge with Qi energy (Qi the most common wireless charging standard) managed no problem, then overcome it “greed” has failed. What went wrong is unknown. To turn iPhone 8/8+/X pad to charge other devices supporting protocols Qi changed my mind. Instead, undertook an even more ambitious project (AirPower).

In 2018, when the output of AirPower in light of all the delayed and late, Huawei has implemented this technology. In Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Whether they themselves invented it (and the idea just floated in the air, the thought of something like this came to mind even to me), or somewhere borrowed it – now, anyway. Chinese companies live by their rules, and Apple had to accept. AirPower then the project was canceled. With the formulation “from-for impossibility of compliance with the quality standards of the company.”