The new operating system iPadOS intended for Apple company appeared last week. Apparently, the decision to divide one operating system on two it’s primarily due to the difference in the diagonals of tablets and smartphones. At first glance, differences in iPadOS iOS not so much, but there are some innovations, specifically designed for large tablet screens, which is not always easy to notice. We talk about them.

How to take a screenshot with the Apple Pencil?

If using Apple Pencil to hold up the iPad screen, you can instantly take a screenshot, which immediately opens in the editor — it allows everyone to adjust and provide a screenshot with annotations.

How to enable the floating keyboard?

On the iPad there is a new floating keyboard that can be positioned anywhere. To activate it you just need to “roll” a regular keyboard with two fingers. You can also click on the icon of the keyboard to trigger and select the appropriate menu item. The keyboard is significantly reduced in size, so that it can be placed in any part of the screen. It is perfect for typing with one hand. Don’t like to print — no one stops simply slide your finger from letter to letter, typing words. If this option is not suitable, you can always disable it in the settings, or just continue the usual way. The chance that you accidentally something written with a casual gesture, is very small.

What can the new home screen of iPad?

Now it fits more icons. The Today View widget is now also possible to leave forever on the home screen. In this case, it will automatically appear when the iPad is in landscape mode. After you install iPadOS swipe the screen to the right and on the widget, select “add to home screen”.

Text selection for iPadOS

In iOS iPadOS and 13 there are a few new gestures, but most of them are really only useful on the large iPad screen. Just swipe your finger across the text to highlight it. Double-tap to select word, triple — a to select proposals and four times to select a paragraph.

The scroll bar on the iPadOS

To scroll faster than is possible using a swipe up or down, hold down your finger scroll bar lead her in the right direction.

Move the cursor to the iPadOS

Just press it with your finger and drag to the desired location of the note or document.

How to cut, copy, and paste text on iPadOS

In iPadOS there are new gestures for copy and paste. To copy part of the text, “pinch” her with three fingers. Repeat the gesture in reverse order to paste the copied into the document. To cut the selected text twice in a row use the copy gesture.

Cancellation/re-writing text on iPad

When typing text, you can easily delete a paragraph, swipe three fingers left. The same gesture in the opposite direction returns the deleted text back.

Investments in iPadOS

Apps can be arranged in compact form on the left or right side of the screen. While there may be several. By using a long touch, the user can expand it to select the active application, or to roll back to the “stack”. To place an application on the screen in a compact form, just activate the quick access toolbar from the bottom of the screen and select an app by long pressing with your finger, and then drag to the left or right side of the display.

Multi mode iPad

Now one app can be open in two Windows. For example, you can open two Windows of Safari browser with different web pages: one will page of the website and the second will open Yandex.Zen. Very convenient!

It is possible to open two Windows and document for editing. Also in the second window occupy exactly half the screen pop up notification. To do this, simply click on the notification with your finger and then hold and drag it to the desired portion of the screen. To see all open application Windows, activate the context menu of the desired program by long pressing and then select “Show all Windows”.

It’s not all innovations that are available to users iPadOS, but consider them all in one article would be very problematic. Other interesting features of the new operating system we will try to study closely other materials.