Social networks, the peak of popularity of which peaked in the early ten years have changed our lives beyond recognition. If, before that, users mostly aimlessly on the Internet, with the advent of Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, the majority still saw in them the place of their permanent online deployment. However, over time, the once popular concept was slowly fading, giving way to more advanced platforms like Instagram, which, frankly, remains popular only because it is not afraid to experiment.

Today Instagram introduced a new app called Threads. But if the social network is a platform for posting photos, there is a new development designed more for communication between close friends. Threads can exchange messages with your favorite contacts, whose number may not exceed two dozen, to share with them the photos without filters, which missed to put in a profile and publish statuses.

Statuses in Threads

In Threads you can exchange messages and share statuses

Despite the fact that the status is out of fashion, the Instagram developers decided to revive them and breathe new life into them. So in Threads they can change dynamically throughout the day depending on the time or current location of the user, operating as a passive notifier for the most loved ones and family members. However, if desired, they can be set manually under its own mood. This feature is definitely useful for those who want to demonstrate to others their feelings, but hesitate to write about it directly.

In General, the concept Threads are still insufficiently clear. Anyway, Instagram have already had a Direct messenger that developers isolate from their main social network. He did not last long, because it is not popular among users because of limited functionality. It is largely inferior to more traditional solutions like WhatsApp and Telegram, and therefore end up in Instagram decided to stop supporting Direct as a standalone platform.

Why do we need Threads

And in Threads you can send the photo without processing. Here it is not a shame

Instagram has long gone beyond the social network for photos. Now a complete social network. As in the case of FB to Instagram, it was decided to allocate messedzhing in a separate entity. Will it succeed? It is possible, as in the case of Facebook Messenger, they all turned out, — tells Renat Grishin, chief editor

But I think otherwise. Instagram has long ceased to be a social network like Vkontakte, where people did not hesitate to post any slag and clichés of quotations. Modern Instagram is a window through which each of us sells itself. Here ashamed to post pictures from Saturday’s drinking, and even stories that are seemingly intended for not the best shots almost always be verified is not worse than the publication in the main belt. In this sense, Threads is a place where people can just vent, talking with loved ones and showing them for what they really are.