A day without updates – that’s the motto that Apple chose for this week. In any case, to find another explanation for why the company is already the fourth day in a row, fresh releases updates to its operating system, we did not. But if in the previous days Apple has released updates mostly for iOS and watchOS, now is the time macOS 10.15 Catalina who finally got the Golden Master build of preceding tomorrow’s release version.

Where did the iTunes

Than Apple replaced the iTunes in macOS 10.15

MacOS 10.15 Apple did what was expected of it a few years ago the company abandoned further support for iTunes and isolate from three independent apps: Videos, Podcasts and Music. Now they exist separately, providing individual access to appropriate services depending on need. And the sync feature with an iPhone to keep for her separate programs, did a system tool operating system.

How does Find My

How to Find My looking for a missing device

Find My utility is a versatile solution that combines application, Find My Mac and Find My Friends. However, it now allows you to search compatible model MacBook, even if they are fully discharged and not connected to the Network. This is due to the work of the Bluetooth Low Energy that is associated with the iPhone people passing by and passes through them information about their approximate location to the owner.

Screen time for Mac

Screen time on the Mac will allow to cope with the dependence on computer

If earlier the ability to track the time they spend using their devices were only available to iOS users, with the release of macOS 10.15 Catalina she will have Mac users. Now they will be able to control himself, tracking the most frequently launched apps, and setting for themselves or their children restrictions with the ability to lock.

What is Project Catalyst

Why you need a Project Catalyst

Thanks to the initiative of Project Catalyst, developers can create universal apps for iPad and Mac. This will allow to expand the range of software for tablets, which was previously mainly confined to smartphone apps, stretched to the big screen. As a result, users will have access to more professional software with advanced capabilities.

Does Apple Arcade on Mac

Apple Arcade available not only on iOS, but on Mac