Tired of you constantly calling spammers from unknown numbers? You are not alone – there is now a real wave of telephone fraud and advertising. Of course, you can use apps to block such calls, but the spammers are always a step ahead and tend to use different phone numbers for each new call (about the manual lock and not talking, it’s just a waste of time). But in iOS, Apple has implemented an integrated solution to rid you of unwanted calls.

How to block calls on iPhone

  1. Open the settings of the smartphone, below in section “Telephone”
  2. Scroll to “Mute unknown”
  3. Activate the toggle function

After that, all calls from unknown numbers will be muted, sent to the answering machine and displayed in the list of “Recent”, so you could still see who the caller is, and if necessary, dialed the correct number. Users of your contacts can call you, as before; also will not be drowned out calls from those who just called you (this is a very handy feature).

This may pretty obvious, but before you activate this function, you must ensure that all subscribers with whom you want to keep in touch, already added to “Contacts” on your iPhone.

This feature is useful if your iPhone regularly rings and vibrates from the endless spam messages and spam calls, which affect many Russian subscribers. We have previously considered some workarounds for blocking unknown callers, but this new feature implements a ban on the system level. It can be used as a replacement app for call blocking.

Function “Mute unknown” is only available for iPhone with iOS 13 and newer versions. Others can block unknown callers from using do Not disturb and only allow calls from contacts. This method has one drawback — not to receive calls from spammers, you’ll have to enable “do Not disturb”. For some, there is nothing to worry, others can hardly find it convenient only in exceptional cases. So there is another option — to block subscribers using third-party applications.