The standard refresh cycle device, which adheres to Apple is one year. Of course, sometimes the company makes exceptions, but they are primarily concerned with stationary equipment like Macs, consoles, Apple TV and external monitors. But portable electronics can’t do without the upgrade as long, because then obviously, she will cease to be popular among consumers. And to maintain demand at a high level, in Cupertino even allow myself to shorten the cycle and upgrade the range before next year.

According to China Economic Daily News, later this month Apple will release the third generation of the AirPods. This means that the company will retain a tradition of the second fall presentation in October, but it will release new headphones in less than a year after the release of the previous model. But, most likely, the novelty will stand apart in the model number of the wireless headphone of the company and will have no sequence number 3, and the prefix Pro. Primarily, this is due to the technical advancement of the future accessory that will not only get extended in comparison with models of previous generations the range of possibilities, but also increased price by $ 260 million, or about 20 thousand rubles. And secondly, with the purpose of Apple not to bump heads with new and already existing model.

What will be the AirPods 3

Unlike AirPods first and second generations, AirPods Pro will get a different appearance. Besides the fact that the headphones will be equipped with active noise-cancellation headphones, they need a passive that will implement the change of form factor in-ear. Thus, the earphones more snugly to the ear and to prevent the passage of extraneous noise. It is also possible that AirPods Pro, and Beats Solo Pro will get support for Transparency, which will allow the user to hear not only the music and ambient sounds for safety purposes.

But if the original AirPods most would not fall out even when running, expect the same of whatisthedi from AirPods Pro, probably not worth it. The fact that there is a large category of users who do not accept the in-ear type headphones simply because they fall out of the ear canal, since can not resist. To rectify the situation helps neither change ear cushions that usually go in the kit, nor attempt to push the earphone deeper into the ear canal.

This AirPods 3. Now just

AirPods Pro — same 3 AirPods, only better

That the new AirPods will receive a design appropriate in-ear headphones, has hinted the first beta version of iOS 13.2. It was a previously unknown image of a headphone-shaped AirPods that were equipped with silicone seals that are typical for solutions in-ear type. And since Apple is rumored to be originally planned to run 3 AirPods in the fall of 2019, all took leak for the confirmation of an early release.