His reputation may overshadow the unpleasant problem, but until September 30, we did not know. Those who got to hold him in his hands and another couple minutes to poke at the screen with your fingers no problems found, but how will it behave in real life does not know, even those who have created or experienced. Anything can happen. But 99 out of 100 of the most popular iPad in the world will be exactly what it is.

Because he’s improved and advanced version of iPad 6, which in the last year and a half was the best-selling iPad, and possibly the best selling tablet in the world. I bought it not only “Hicks and rogue” as someone suggested in the comments to the article about the iPad Air 3 to his circle of customers is wide and varied. IPad Pro your buyers, the iPad Air and iPad mini it’s different, the iPad 6 is students, children (sometimes by the age of one year), those who need a lightweight and reliable tablet, and the exorbitant power and fashionable exterior does not matter. Perhaps, among its customers there is only “rogue”, they do not buy tablets. Even old and scratched, even on the cheap. Six is a workhorse for ruthless exploitation, including in the most adverse conditions.

The makers of iPad 6 has set a very unusual challenge. Unusual for Apple. They had to construct a real iPad with the minimal cost. I’m sure you know what “iPad”. It is something more than “tablet running iOS”,with scientific precision to define that “more” no one was able. I think something like this would be worth to repeat with the iPhone. So it was a real iPhone, in the original, with a shockingly low price. It said that it did not believe, and to look for the catch. I exaggerate but slightly. Something like this did in March 2018 with an iPad. Revenue from iPad sales, which decreased the first year, suddenly started to grow again. As they grew in the early-tenths of this growth does not compare, but minus changed to plus: iPad stopped dying.

The new iPad 2019

iPad 7 main parameters – the same iPad 6, only the next generation. To create a masterpiece and to meet the tight financial parameters is much more difficult than to break away on all cylinders coming up with all kinds of miracles and painfully squeezing them into tight and slim body. Not counting the money, and the cost is not dogma (although the limit is still there, but for something special, and not without resistance, in the end, break).
Some sense in this,nothing supernatural new is long gone, and maybe it’s time to ‘think different’. But even the most expensive products still find buyers (and a lot), and hope to one day invent something incredible and unprecedented is still alive – so that in the near future, most likely, will remain the same.

What distinguishes the iPad 7 and iPad 6

Let’s start with the similarities between the six and the seven. System-on-chip they are one and the same – Apple’s A10 Fusion, which debuted in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in ancient times, in 2016. SoC (System on a chip, system-on-chip) is available (!) TSMC on the 16 nm technology, CPU 4-core, consists of two “power” cores Hurricane (Hurricane) with a clock frequency of 2.34 GHz and two “energy saving” Zephyr (breeze) with a frequency of 1.64 GHz. Sensational for 2016, the chip is still one of the best in the world,no longer the fastest. In iPad 6 it was enough. There is no reason to assume that this SoC can’t handle the iPad 7. In any case, for now.

According to Greg the sources from Apple, Vice President of marketing for Apple’s processors in the system-on-chip are superior to most of today’s laptops. Including the MacBook Air. How this is a valid comparison – I don’t know. Tests sort of confirm this. Critics accuse Apple of foul play: if the Department of microelectronics of all Apple A achieve in the first place, that successful completion of the tests. And everything else just do not pay attention, no time wasting. All I know is that the prototypes are subjected to massive testing, without ignoring the various benchmarks. Crime in this, benchmarks for this and created. Prototypes are tested (in suitable existing devices and prototypes of new) and on real issues and on the special equipment of its own design.

Configuration and prices are exactly the same. Model “WiFi only” and “WiFi+Cellular”, with a 32 or 128 Gigabytes of flash memory on Board. The configuration of these volumes drives from iPad iPad 6 and 7 in “WiFi only” stand 329 and $ 429. Without taxes and fees. For the same volume iPad iPad 6 and 7 in the performance of the “WiFi+Cellular” as it was led since the original iPad, take the extra $ 130. In our case, 459 and 559 dollars. They are both cheaper than the first iPad!

The case of iPad 6 and iPad 7 different ways. Case the iPad 7 is longer and wider (for same thickness). iPad 6 is x 169,5 240,0 x 7.5 mm, iPad 7 – of 250.6 x estimated at 174.1 x 7.5 mm., Weigh “only WiFi” and “WiFi+Cellular” iPad 6 469 and 474 g, the same model iPad 7 – 483 and 493 g. don’t tell anyone: seven larger and heavier than the six! Seriously, feel the difference in 15-20 grams without the aid of high technology (at least balance) is impossible. The diagonal size of them are different: 10,2 inch (25,9 cm) at 7 and classic iPad 9.7 inch (24,6 cm) the iPad 6. With the same pixel density (264 ppi) screen resolution iPad 7 2160х1620 iPad 6 it is 2048×1536 pixels. Both LCD screen with oleophobic coating, support IPS, screen iPad 6 not to cover the anti-glare, judging by the fact that in the technical specifications Apple does not report the presence of such a coating may iPad 7, in the new budget iPad it’s saved.

The price of iPad in 2018 in the United States

Both the “public sector” support Apple Pencil first generation, known as “lose the cap”. Six and seven abstained from experiments with electromagnetism, that is, with a built-in iPad inductive charger for Apple Pencil. But not only there: the iPad Air and iPad mini too on savings. Progressive stuff is, alas, expensive. Without any doubt these things are helpful, but without them you can easily do. One of the most serious shortcomings of the iPad 6 was considered his inability to work with Apple Smart Keyboard or with their peers. Bluetooth keyboards six worked, but with smart keyboard smart protective cover for the screen – no. In iPad 7 is fixed, on one of the long faces of the housing sevens now, you’ll connector the Smart Connector. Smart connector the smart keyboard and criticize, have something – but judging by the fact that they are “not enough” (it was one of the most important items in the wish list), they are needed. Still, none of the previously discussed input devices in the package are not included. They would have missed given the cost.

Another difference iPad 7 from all the other iPad in their history not to mention: this is the first iPad “sharpened” under work iPadOS, the first of all the iPad comes preloaded with iPadOS. Or rather, yet to be delivered, but I don’t think there will be delays with this. This is one of the most important projects that are desperately needed. iPadOS will discuss another time. This is a separate issue.

One of them is better iPad 6 or iPad 7? Jeff Raskin argued that to compare complex technical system on the “better/worse” is the same as to compare the coordinates of points on the plane at “more/less”. They say that exceptions prove the rule, and this is one of those exceptions: judging by what is told about him and said iPad 7 better than the iPad 6. How it will actually I don’t know.

What is different from the first iPad 7 iPad

System-on-chip in the first iPad – the Apple A4. The firstborn microprocessor Atelier Apple. Compare its capacity, efficiency and technical level with Apple’s A10 Fusion, we will not. A10 cooler for a couple orders of magnitude, obviously. The first iPad was thicker (almost twice) than the iPad 6 and iPad 7 is 13.4 mm vs 7.5 mm. In length and width first iPad (242,8 x 189,7 mm) larger than the iPad 6 (240,0 x 169,5 mm). iPad 7 (estimated at 174.1 of 250.6 x) is longer but narrower than the first iPad. In other words, in this setting, they are all in the same class. With the weight all the easier. During the first iPad electronic components have been heavier than in our days. The first iPad weighed about one and a half times more than the iPad 6 or iPad 7. The weight of the model “WiFi only” iPad (Original) – 680 g, iPad 6 – 469 g, iPad 7 – 483 g “WiFi+Cellular” – 730, 478 and 493 g, respectively.

The first iPad

The price of the first iPad began with $ 499. It’s for a configuration with 16 GB flash memory model “WiFi only”. Cost model configurations “WiFi + Cellular” was exactly $ 130 more expensive than the same configuration “WiFi only”. As in our days. The cheapest iPad “WiFi + Cellular” cost 629 dollars. There were three configurations: 16, 32 and 64 Gigabytes of flash memory. Each configuration in this list was worth $ 100 more expensive. Configurations at sixes and sevens two with 32 and 128 Gigabytes of flash memory, performed by the “WiFi only” they are 329 and $ 429, in the performance of the “WiFi+Cellular” – 459 and 559 dollars. All prices without taxes and fees.