It is no secret that the global smartphone market is now stagnating – even Apple has stopped reporting on the number of sold iPhone,I do it every quarter. And the point here is not so much the lack of innovation, how much the users themselves, who realized that there is no need to change phone every year, if the current and copes with most tasks. Therefore, from the presentation of Apple I most look forward is not a new iPhone.

What are you waiting for specifically me? Most of all — a new generation of the Apple Watch and the release of watchOS 6. For a while, until the Apple Watch are all on sale and have already purchased millions of customers around the world, and so they look forward to the next update of the operating system for hours. I have a few months to go with the Apple Watch Series 4, and for me it is the best product produced by Apple. But the operating system watch OS still needs improvement (not surprising, since its history is much less than iOS).

What’s new in Apple Watch Series 5

More watchOS 6 I want to see the Apple Watch Series 5. Rumor has it, a key feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 will feature sleep tracking. Apple has long leads development in this area, but decided on the implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills just now. And in our Telegram chat saying that the Apple Watch Series 5 will be the first model of smart hours Apple, which to work will no longer need the iPhone. Appropriate hints contains beta watchOS 6, where they found the mechanisms of activation hours without connecting to the smartphone.

Perhaps it will look like the Apple Watch Series 5

I think the future of Apple as times for services and accessories like the Apple Watch and the headphones (you saw how many AirPods in the world right now?). Well, not to mention the fact that this is one of the best Apple devices that I had ever seen. They automatically respond to any task — whether it’s a response to the message or launch an application. Not to mention what a godsend at the wheel: if someone wrote, you can quickly rotate your wrist (without removing hands from the steering wheel and losing control of the car), and if it’s important to answer, for example, at a traffic light and when urgent message quickly Park.

So tomorrow I’ll be watching Jeff Williams, who is usually the Apple Watch. Yes, it will not be a major update — Apple Watch Series 5 promises to be a natural evolution of all those developments that Apple has used in previous generations hours. But who knows, maybe the watch will finally be able to measure the level of sugar in the blood or to determine blood pressure?

Where to watch Apple’s live event September 10

We will conduct a text broadcast of the presentation of the iPhone 11 on our live page. Be sure to bookmark not to miss. Traditionally, we start an hour before the start of the event, which starts at 20:00 Moscow time.