Yesterday Apple finally put an end to all the leaks (which, incidentally, confirmed) and introduced the world to iPhone 11. Due to the variety of color solutions users dubbed him the successor to the iPhone XR: indeed, at first glance, these two smartphones differ only in the camera module, and the difference in price is small — 10 000 between Junior configurations. It is not surprising that many people immediately wonder: get the iPhone 11 or to save a little and buy the iPhone XR?

What do iPhone 11 iPhone and XR

Both smartphones have a body made of glass and aluminium — have iPhone 11 it is more “environmentally friendly” is now a global trend, and Apple could not be supported. Diagonal and the type of screen is also the same — 6.1 inch Liquid Retina HD, simple — IPS. Therefore, the dimensions do not differ (up to millimeters) and weight in 194

In the front they are exactly the same

But the similarities end there. Yes, the iPhone 11 might look similar to the iPhone XR, in fact it’s a completely different phone.

What distinguishes the iPhone from the iPhone 11 XR

Let’s start with the main cameras. IPhone 11 the system of two modules 12 Megapixel (ultra wide angle and wide angle), while the iPhone XR only one wide-angle camera on 12 Megapixels. Plus the novelty has a lot of different chips like advanced algorithms work with video and night mode that allows you to take pictures in low-light conditions.

Dual camera in iPhone 11

New night mode

Front camera iPhone also 11 other 12 MP vs 7 MP iPhone XR, even with the support of shooting 4K video (the processor can record a maximum Full HD). Both smartphones are equipped with a facial recognition system that the novelty seems to work a little faster due to updated sensors.

Under the “hood” the iPhone 11 top Bionic A13 processor (the iPhone is set XR A12 Bionic), but you hardly notice the difference. What really matters is the battery life — iPhone 11 runs 1 hour longer than its predecessor. Remember how Apple touted iPhone as XR is the most “long-playing” smartphone? So, not the most.

Well, for dessert the Apple offers protection from water when immersed to a depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes, so if you suddenly drop your iPhone in 11 deep pool, with high probability, nothing will happen.

Where to buy iPhone 11

As you can see, the iPhone 11 for this new smartphone that can not be said about iPhone 4/4s or iPhone 6/6s, where the differences are and let you notice, but they were minimal. And pay here has something,to pay almost 60 000 rubles for the phone, of course, is not desirable. However, it is possible to cheat a little and order iPhone 11 of the United States (and that, so it was possible?).Apple has not engaged in the delivery of goods to Russia from its U.S. online store you can resort to the services of companies that deliver from USA to Russia (together with the cost of shipping the price will still be lower than in Russia). Some of the best rates offers a mail-order — shipping cost of the new iPhone 11 will cost a little less than 2 000 rubles. Junior iPhone model 11 in the US, costs $ 699 — that’s about 45 000. Even with the duty, which by law need to pay for purchase of more than 500 euros per month (for Junior iPhone 11 about 3 000 rubles), buying is much more beneficial. Moreover, the fee is paid in a few clicks.

Pre-order you can own in the us online Apple store. It’s not as difficult as it seems, you only need to follow a certain algorithm of actions. First, it is better to start the VPN service and use a American Apple account ID. In the case of iPhone 11 you will have the option to order the smartphone SIM-free.

iPhone 11 in the US, costs $ 699

It is better to choose version SIM Free

At the stage of entering an address use the address from our services in the United States. We have already talked about the details in this paragraph on the example of the iPhone 7, but just in case, remember: change the url from “our services” to be more unique. For example, “600 Centerpoint Blvd” can be written as “Centerpoint boulevard 600”, Qwintry Ste can be reduced by Qw ste.

An important advantage of buying iPhone in the US — you can get it first, because pre-orders in the us online Apple store for new iPhone 11 kicks off on Friday, September 13. If you want to participate, keep your finger on the pulse wanting to buy this smartphone will be quite a lot, and have time to pre-order before the first batch of devices will end.