Jokes that headphone AirPods have to buy the elastic like the one that binds mother to VariCam scattered children, appeared on the Network immediately after the announcement of the new Apple earbuds. And really – with the loss of one of the earphones faced by many users (if you have it, share in our Telegram chat). It is one thing when you just lose them in your bag, at home or in the car, and quite another if a loss occurs in public transport.

Loss AirPods in the subway

With this problem faced in the Metropolitan new York — employees constantly find lost AirPods on the tracks of trains. It got to the point that the Agency plans to make a statement about what to wear wireless headphones Apple when entering or exiting the train is very unsafe. The fact that most of the loss happens it is in motion when passengers accidentally collide with each other, and headphones are on the tracks between the train and the platform.

They’re tiny. They are hard to find, says Steven Duginski, head of technical services new York. Given that the headphones are falling on the path where nothing is visible, he said: our Only salvation is the fact that they are white.

Cases of “rescue” AirPods from new York has increased considerably in March when Apple released a new version of their headphones. According to the staff of the subway, the past summer was the worst — perhaps because heat and humidity on the platforms make the ears and hands of the people of new York quite slippery due to sweat.

To get lost headphones, workers use a pole with a length of about two meters, which has two rubber “claws” on the end that you squeeze together to grab small items. So, last Thursday, lost and found, metro received 18 requests from passengers to pick up lost items. Six of these were AirPods.

Although the location of the AirPods can be monitored using the app Find my iPhone, headphones are often in remote places because of their small size.