On Tuesday started the main tournament of the UEFA Champions League. Attention all football fans from now until the final on 30 may will be focused on the confrontation of the best clubs in Europe. But, unfortunately, between matches in this fascinating tournament is very big breaks – all of their Championships, national cups. But I did for you a selection of the best free games from the App store, which will help to brighten up the waiting.

Football Strike

Closes the top ten of our makeshift tournament table arcade Football Strike from famous company MiniClip. All games of the Studio are made on a similar concept. In this case, we will find two game modes on multiplayer:

  • The break beats at the same time your opponent special areas at the gate. The winner is the one who gets more points;
  • Blows at a time. The player with the enemy who disagree to the ball, who the gate and punch attacks according to the rules of penalty shoot-out. This mode is somewhat more interesting.

In addition, there is a career mode where the player has to go through the stages of penetration and blocking attacks with increasing complexity.

The bleachers in the Football Strike chic: flags, smoke, flares

Prices for the domestic currency in Football Strike. Can be bought separately form multiple teams

Reference: Install

Score! Hero

A kind of step-by-step strategy on the football theme. The player will have to go through a career, playing the key moments of the matches. Along the way, builds up the internal currency, which can “pump” your character’s appearance. Definitely addictive, but level on tenth start to get bored and want to look for something else.

You can take the time to think how to play out

After each match leaves a local newspaper with team news

Prices for domestic purchases Score! Hero

Soccer Stars

An unusual arcade game, similar not the airhokey, not Billiards. Several modes that the player is not bored. Ideal for a short break, the match lasts no more than 2-3 minutes.

The football field version of Soccer Stars

Prices of domestic purchases. There are still VIP subscription for 299₽ per week.

Top Eleven

The only football Manager. Yes, real competition he had. Not suitable for haters of Jose Mourinho. But it is for hardcore fans of football managers, longing for Football Manager 2005.

Jose Mourinho will haunt you constantly

Prices in the domestic store is designed for gamers

Flick Kick Football Legends

The gameplay is almost a copy of the Score! Hero, but in a beautiful shell. The guys from PikPok found your style in referring to British football in the ‘ 70s. Long hair in the style of George Besta and sideburns, short shorts and a baggy t-shirt without advertising will make you go to the game again and again for aesthetic pleasure which we receive from shorts Apple.

Ball style Adidas Telstar 1970, the atmosphere of old England. A tear retroman and welling.

Loyal fans like you just came from the docks.

Flick Soccer 19

Arcade breakout free kicks, of which the mass on the App Store. But it highlights gorgeous graphics and physics of the ball. The game challenges user a really interesting task of stroking the walls with a hit on the target. The only minus is the annoying ads after matches and a reminder to buy the game for 229 rubles.

Rain drops on the screen you can enjoy forever. The dynamics looks unique.

FIFA Mobile

EA Sports moved its football game for iOS on the model that I’ve been waiting for on consoles. So every year a new FIFA came out, forcing me to start from scratch, as was the service with an annual subscription. In General, words are unnecessary. This series is well known to all. From me personally a huge complaint about the Canadians is that before the football simulator we have to break through some not very clear training that allows you to open players. Why, EA? I want to play football, and not to suffer. Why not just play at least a friendly match?

This home screen greets new users FIFA Mobile

Flick Kick Football Kickoff

A legend among football arcade games. The guys from Why not change it since the release. Why? Because she was perfect, as Wasowska “loaf”. Long delays and bring to a white heat at the end of the first hundred blows, when you need a direct hit to score from a corner. The only minus is the annoying advertising, which climbs from all cracks. Off ban the game to connect to the Internet.

Tough guys of the ‘ 70s put a lot of interesting problems

Dream League Soccer

Silver gets very strong, but not publicized football game. Managerial functions is minimized transfers, the construction of the stadium. You can rename your team to upload her logo and to buy big-name players. Spent the guys on the license – just would have moved the canadian and Japanese competitors. I recommend to play on iPad, moreover, that progress is synchronized.

Familiar management for gamers moved to consoles

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Japanese rival FIFA, I will give gold. Because they managed to keep the balance between the managerial goals and football. There are a few Canadians too clever by half. Plus Russification and license RPL should help to win at least a share of the Russian market.

The pitch in PES 2019. The default camera hangs at a very comfortable angle


Games not included in the rating but which we can not say.

PerfectKick. On the knee made arcade, remembered only billboards. Ananas, Nisa, Jazzprom and Phony? Guys know funny.

Pay attention to billboards

Street Soccer. Disgusting twitching domestic football simulator. But there is one Easter eggs.

Look at the wall

HeadBall 2. Simple but cool drawn and interesting arcade game. A few minutes of fun guaranteed.

Simple gameplay HeadBall 2