Despite the fact that the new iPhone that Apple unveiled on Tuesday, has been updated on all fronts, the users themselves consider to be one of the key innovations of the devices support the night shooting mode. His appearance was waiting for a long time, and since, as a similar mode appeared in the Google Pixel 3, it seemed that the owners of branded smartphones Apple is no more desirable options than this. Unfortunately, the presentation she gave not so much attention, but now it’s time to look at real photos taken with the rear camera 11 Pro Max with the use of night mode.

Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha was one of the first people in the world who got access to the iPhone 11 Pro Max before the start of official sales. She did not drive it in synthetic tests to find out the real amount of memory and performance, and tested the night mode, which was surprisingly effective. At least in direct comparison with the iPhone X.

What can night mode in iPhone 11

Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone X when shooting at night

Comparative photos show that night mode in iPhone 11 Pro Max can be a panacea when taking photos in low-light conditions. Software if add a powerful torch, which fills the place with light. The result is a well lit shot, not losing the signs of night shooting, as is often the case with Google’s Pixel, which lightens the picture so that it seems as if the shooting is done by day.

Like Google Pixel 3 is shooting in the dark

Apparently, users will be able to manually activate night mode and to adjust it under the current shooting conditions,initially there were information that he will only work in automatic mode without the possibility of forced on or off. This gives hope that in the hands of the photographer understands the camera of the new iPhone will get a truly high-quality night shots, which will not to sin peresvecheno on one side and darkness on the other.