Last Tuesday Apple did something that did not expect from her, almost no one – she has lowered the price of the base iPhone 11 to $ 699. Not that people didn’t want, rather the opposite. However, few people could imagine that Cupertino would take this step, actually admitting defeat the chosen pricing policy. Most likely, it is because Apple is unlikely to be able to earn on sales of the iPhone 11 more than at the time she brought an iPhone XR. It’s just a matter of prestige.

According to analysts of Bank of America, Apple was not satisfied with sales of the iPhone XR. Despite the fact that this model was the best selling smartphone of the year, obviously, Apple was counting on a warmer reception apparatus. Unfortunately, because of its compromising many refused his purchase, making a choice either in favor of the iPhone 8, which also suddenly went up sharply, either in favor of the iPhone XS. The latter though was more expensive, but still was a true leader, who if anything was not ashamed to get on people.

iPhone 11 — the new Savior of Apple

“Lowering the price of iPhone 11 to $ 699, Apple has shown that it is able to act tactically and respond to market dynamics. Despite the fact that the decrease was only $ 50, this is a significant step for the company, which is expected to turn to her increase in sales,” — said in a research note the Bank holding company of Bank of America.

The best iPhone

This decline has given Apple a hard time. It is quite clear that this was done only in order to attract consumers in the fall of the smartphone market, and not because the company managed to save on the production of the iPhone 11. On the contrary, the cost of a smartphone expected to grow, given that it is equipped with an additional camera module and long life battery. Therefore, even the decision lightly to save on components, investing in a box of iPhone 11 an old power supply 5 W does not look like arrogance, but well thought out step.