Few days remain before the official release of iOS 13. The update contains many new features, among which there are quite interesting thing – the noise control. A downloading all sorts of “measuring noise about” from the App Store, and now the need for it will disappear. IOS 13 iPhone have learned to recognize the sound environment around the user. But apart from that, the smartphone can tell when you listen to music at dangerous for the ear volume.

As the iPhone learns about the volume level

When you start to listen to music with headphones (no matter whether it’s AirPods or solutions from JBL/Bose and so forth), the iPhone starts monitoring the volume in decibels. How to get access to this data? Open the Health app, select “All health data” and then “Levels of sound exposure headphones”.

Here you can see how loud you are listening to the music, not only in the day but at a specific hour. IOS 13 there are two classifications of sound levels — “OK” and “Loud.” In the second case we are talking about prolonged exposure to sound of 80 dB. My iPhone, for example, indicate that I’m listening to music on level 76 dB (sometimes up to 84 dB, but rarely and slightly).

Another interesting feature — if you click on the “Show all filters”, you can see what headphones you listen to music louder, and some quieter. In my case here only the AirPods, but my colleague Artem Sutyagin, for example, is still Bose, so for him, this stats will be interesting (when upgraded to iOS 13).

Also, the Health app can see the data about the surrounding noise, they are taken directly from the iPhone’s microphone. Actually a very useful feature, especially for those people whose work should proceed in relative silence. For example, if you are a blogger or work in any other text field, and for productive work must be the complete lack of noise, and your neighbors around the office that provides services to another profile, don’t need, very often there is place for conflict.