All of a sudden the game Apple Arcade became available on 19 September, as promised at the presentation of the new iPhone, and three days earlier – on September 16. Play exclusive games, and get free access to many paid apps can iPhone and iPad with installed iOS 13 – however, while access to the new service is not at all.

Section Apple Arcade became active in the app Store some in our newsroom, its appearance said the participants in our Telegram chat. You can subscribe now (for 199 rubles per month), but the first month, as promised in the Apple, will be free. You will then receive access to all games in the Apple Arcade.

In the special tab of the service are collected the game is available exclusively for Apple users Arcade. Other applications can be downloaded for free if you have a subscription, even if the App Store must pay for them. Similar to the situation with the iTunes Store and Apple Music, when for $ 169 per month users get access to an unlimited number of tracks, whereas the iTunes Store for the money you can buy the album from the same artist.

Page applications is decorated very nicely — each game has a promotional video key features, high-quality screenshots and detailed information about the game and the developer.

We downloaded several games from the Apple Arcade — in all cases they “weighed” no less than 1 Gigabyte. Authorization is done via Game Center, after which you can play. Moreover, Apple does not forget that it is an exclusive application right after the launch meets the inscription, indicating that it is a game of Arcade Apple.

This message appears after starting each game

The graphics in the game is very good. Take the same games where you have to survive in a world after the Apocalypse. This is an interesting turn-based game, in which you can manage the whole group and help them to escape from various creatures and monsters.

In concept Arcade is very similar to the Apple App Store. Each game has its own card, description, screenshots and reviews. In-app purchases and no advertising. It is noteworthy that the publishers are developing games are not alone. Apple experts are actively helping with the optimization and adaptation of game engines. All this is necessary so the game was going smoothly on any platform, whether iOS, Mac or tvOS.

Although can’t shake the feeling that while the game is not very interesting — perhaps, soon standing applications will grow.

To doubt that Apple Arcade will be a successful project, is not necessary. The company already has a huge store of knowledge accumulated in the course of work on the App Store. Even at the dawn of the formation of the iOS, the company has provided developers a convenient tools for development.