It is not a secret that Apple is developing a special accessory Apple Tag, which will allow us to find lost things. The first mention of the label was found by developers in the first beta build of iOS 13. A new accessory will look like a small circle that resembles a sticker. But is there any practical benefit from this product?

Actually Yes. Usage scenarios under which Apple label Tag will be useful enough. For example, the accessory can be put in a purse or to attach an important document. And if you depart too far from the mark, the iPhone immediately alerts you to the need to return for a forgotten thing. Or tell where exactly you lost and keep track of the current label location, regardless of distance.

Agree, very convenient. But Apple would not be Apple if not provided users with a truly elegant solution.

All that is known about the Apple Tag

The journalists MacRumors has managed to access the internal build of iOS 13, which is being tested by Apple employees. This discovery has shed light on many of the details and nuances of the Apple Tag.

The first real image of the Apple Tag

The assurances insiders, Apple Tag is a small white light with the Apple logo in the center. At least, it says the image is found in the course of the study Assembly. In this sense, the Apple Tag will be similar to other similar Bluetoothtrackers. But all the differences in principles of operation.

App Locator, and a new tab “Thing”

Apple label Tag will work with “Locator”. In pre-iOS 13, the program got new tab “Stuff.” Here you will keep track of all the lost items.

How to set Apple Tag

Select the category of items for Apple Tag

When you first set up the labels, Apple will ask how it will be used by the tracker. Depending on the selected scenario will display the appropriate settings.

In the application of “the Locator” you can set “safe zones” — those places in which the Apple Tag will not alert the user about the loss. The location of items can be shared with friends and family members.

By analogy with the iPhone, Apple Tag is “lost Mode”. The label will be able to send notifications to other iPhone users if they find a lost thing. they can be contact details or other information that will allow you to contact the owner of the lost object.

The Apple mark will work on the 5.0 Protocol Bluetooth Low Energy. Despite the relatively small range technology, it does not matter. Apple Tag can communicate with other iOS devices nearby transmitting on the exact location. This is what makes Apple Tag really interesting solution. What do you think? Leave your comments in our Telegram chat.

Inside the Apple Tag will be set a small round CR2032 battery. Also there is a miniature speaker. Thus, the label can not only show the exact location of the object, but also to beep.