Apple has launched a replacement program displays for the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3. As stated by the company itself, in rare cases, the protective glass may form a crack. Usually, a crack is formed along the curved edge of the screen and may eventually spread to the entire matrix. All faced with this problem, it is recommended to immediately contact the nearest Apple Store or Authorised service centre for the procedure the free screen replacement.

What can be considered as a warranty case

It is necessary to take into account that the crack has a specific kink at the edges of the screen, so you can rely that the program will cover the damages carried out by users, definitely not worth it. On the Apple Watch should not be signs of shock, and they themselves should be at least workable.

In some cases, Apple replaces screens Apple Watch

The program is free replacement of defective displays will operate for 3 years since the start of retail sales of the device. The program involves only models with aluminum housing. The defect does not apply to versions with a ceramic body and stainless steel.

Repair Apple Watch

Before contacting the service center, the users need to perform a number of items. First of all you need to keep a backup of the Apple Watch and all stored data using iCloud or iTunes — as all the Apple Watch is reset to its factory state. You also want to eliminate all physical damage, which can potentially hinder the repair. For example, if the case is in poor condition and perform the disassembly impossible. In this case, the user will need to pay for the new building.

After that, users can visit any Apple Store or ASTs. Apple has sent out instructions to service centers for proper diagnosis in case of complaints about it.