The day after “the brand new iPad mini and iPad Air” (in quotes because it is the name of the press release of the company) when the news of this has not yet had time to digest, “iMac has accelerated two times” (this is also the title of the press release). Update desktops also have done without the pageant, but was no less dramatic: the audience did it all by myself. New items are selling well.

Assessing the situation and trends in the market, “fruit” the company came to the conclusion that to live as before anymore. Computer and mobile device could no longer guarantee Apple prohibitively high incomes, and the decline in iPhone sales, the main source of its existence, was not an accident. One of the reasons for the sales decline were the prices of the new iPhone, but it wasn’t the main reason. Mobile industry has gone unhealthy excitement. To achieve superiority over competitors has become more difficult, now it is much more expensive (hence the price). Prices are not the reason for this investigation.

If Apple was limited to a statement of this fact, shareholders would not understand, and their mass Exodus (evacuation) would have caused irreparable damage. The management of the company, on reflection, he announced a course correction. Negative market trends do not threaten the services, people were willing to pay a subscription for quality products. Now the focus of the company. Several such services have been developed and tested since the beginning of the year and maybe today (I’m writing this on 10 September 2019, for a few hours before the September press conference at the theater named Steve jobs) will start their real life. Apple News for the first 48 hours was signed by 200 thousand people. 50-billion-dollar revenue from services in the year promised by Tim cook in 2020, does not seem something unattainable. But the services we’ll talk another time.

In 2008, when Apple shifted the focus of attention at the mobile device, the direction at which the expected rapid growth, this could not be troubled by those who were engaged in the “Apple” technique professionally. Mac am been given less attention. Increasingly, they are now updated to “quietly”, in a press release. Sometimes without them. Online store Apple, from time to time, was closed “for maintenance”, and sometimes after that in the list of new products, major changes occurred. And nothing terrible happened. Mac was no longer the sole creation of the company, but the fantastic success of the iPhone led to a sharp increase in its sales.

And here – March 19, 2019. On this day Apple, without fanfare, the updated line of elite desktops (iMac), some of which really accelerated markedly, stubbornly not changing their “outdated” design. It has not changed for 7 years, but still made a strong impression, this impression successfully sell desktops, they are willingly used by both novice and professionals in different fields.

What’s new in iMac 2019

According to Colleen Novielli, product Manager of iMac, the company has tried to consider all this diversity. The cheapest member of the family left the iMac with a screen diagonal of 21.5 inch 2017. It costs 1 099 dollars, screen low by modern standards, resolution – no Retina. According to the well-wishers, unworthy of this model (with the processor of the seventh generation) have left solely because of its price: the range must be at least one Mac class all-in-one 1 099 USD. And if Apple no matter sold or not. In fact, any product which is exhibited in the online shop is constantly considerable sums are spent – and that doesn’t pay be removed from the shelves.

New iMac 2019

The cheapest iMac with a normal (not Retina) screen was their niche. Not everyone needs the latest and most powerful desktop computer – iMac and 2017 is so much better and more modern for old computers the beginning of the decade. Pupils, students, writers and many others. I know programmers who use this iMac for development. A friend of mine who tried to write a Ph. D. on the iPad, in the end gave up and bought an iMac new but cheap.

The most expensive iMac with the 5K screens and Intel processors 8 and 9 generation, in which you can, for an additional charge, to install AMD Radeon Vega 48 with 8 Gigabytes of memory HBM2, was comparable to much more expensive iMac Pro. Of course, everything has a price. iMac’and was cheaper than the iMac Pro including because they used “slow and unreliable” hard disks. In the composition of the Fusion Drive. Many chose the iMac, this is why: 1 or 2 Terabytes of SSD memory would have cost a lot more, and many of us really need a large storage capacity. SSD of comparable size can be purchased for an additional fee.

One of the most popular varieties iMac is iMac’and with a 4K screen. Select them, including professionals. Big screen takes a lot of space, and needed not for everyone. Middling also accelerated for the first time in the iMac 21.5 inch has there 6 core processors. About the new iMac screens 4K and 5K will write separately.