Yesterday after iOS 13, Apple released the release version of watch OS 6. This is the second update of the four that in Cupertino are planning to release in September, but were forced to post their releases on time. watch OS 6 is now available for download over the air if you have a stable Internet connection. However, you can download it not all. Understand that in the new update and why it can’t see some of the Apple Watch,in theory, should.

Unlike all previous versions of watchOS, sixth aimed at increasing the autonomy compatible Apple Watch. Consequently, users must acquire a more Autonomous structure than before, which is less dependent on connecting to the iPhone.

App Store

App Store for Apple Watch

Yes, watchOS 6 compatible models Apple Watch support to your own App Store with its own apps. Now install apps on the watch will be made directly with hours, not iPhone, as it was before. This is a significant step towards the autonomy of the Apple Watch, which has long been too dependent on the smartphone.


Calculator for the Apple Watch

Despite the fact that Apple still has not included a calculator in the iPad, watchOS 6 this feature is already. In fact, Apple just ported the smartphone version of the app, reducing it in size. On the clock, the calculator exists as a standalone application, which is invoked directly from the desktop.

The recorder

The recorder for the Apple Watch

Another app that first debuted in watchOS 6, was the voice recorder app. Now users can quickly and if necessary also quietly record the events, without attracting too much attention. All records are synchronized with iCloud and subsequently available on all devices linked to one account.

Measuring noise

Measuring the noise on the Apple Watch

Apple a health nut and tries to make all its users not to forget about her. Therefore, watchOS 6 there is a special tool for measuring environmental noise. It will allow us to understand not exceeded the volume published by external sources, so as not to harm the eardrums.


Audiobooks on the Apple Watch

Now Apple Watch users have the ability to not only listen to music from Apple Music, but also audiobooks. For this watchOS was built a new app, similar to Podcasts, but based on the book recorded in audio format. Just turn on any work, connect to the clock AirPods and enjoy.

With Apple Watch support watchOS 6

watch OS 6 compatible with the five models of the Apple Watch. Here they are:

  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5