Despite the fact that yesterday Apple released iOS 13, postponing its release until September 19, the company introduced the Golden Master version of the update, and beta build of iOS 13.1. Both update is now available for download for the owners of all compatible devices that have the status of a registered developer and installed the current beta profile. All other program participants of the open beta traditionally will be able to download the update a few days after the completion of the preliminary tests.

When will iOS 13

Apple releases Golden Master version of the update shortly before their official release. As a rule, they have no differences from the final build, allowing even before the release of the new OS to make the full impression about the peculiarities of its work. For the company it is a kind of dress rehearsal before release with the ability to make operating system changes as needed in the event that the testing process will be discovered quite so critical a problem.

iOS 13 includes a lot of new features. Perhaps the most significant version of iOS that came out in recent years, because when it was created Apple took into account the wishes of a huge number of users, by implementing those functions, which before was unthinkable.

What’s new in iOS 13

  • Night theme;
  • App for finding depleted devices Find My;
  • Authorize button “Sign in with Apple”;
  • Panoramas in Apple Maps;
  • New Siri voice;
  • New shooting modes;
  • The redesigned Photos app;
  • Increased system performance;
  • Increased speed of facial recognition;
  • Mouse support.