iOS 13 is on pravou considered one of the most functional versions of the mobile OS from Apple, but the current week – the richest of updates. Starting the working week with updates, in Cupertino decided to update it and to complete without delay the correction of accumulated defects and vulnerabilities in a drawer. So today, September 27, the company released iOS 13.1.1 containing a wide range of various bug fixes designed to make using the OS more enjoyable.

Given that the main problem Apple has fixed in iOS 13.1, the only change iOS 13.1.1 was supposed to be a fix for the bugthat opened third-party keyboard apps all privileges immediately. However, innovation was much more.

Fixes iOS 13.1.1

13.1.1 iPadOS

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the restore iPhone from backup;
  • Fixed a bug that prevent the correct working Siri on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct operation of the search suggestions Safari.
  • Fixed a bug that opened third-party keyboards full access privileges of the device;
  • Improved the autonomy of the iPhone;
  • Accelerated synchronization of Reminders.