Rumors about Project Titan, the mysterious Apple car, go for a long time, periodically finding evidence in the actions of the company. Apple continues to remain silent on account of the course of developments in this area, but periodically patented various ideas for development-related vehicles. The company does not forget about the useful accessories that can be useful to the owner of the “Apple car”. One of the newest patents will be useful to the forgetful motorists and those who are just not used to the electric car and the need to regularly charge it.

In the patent issued to Apple by the U.S. patent and trademark office, describes a charging system that can fully take care of automotive batteries. The description of the patent contains information about a device, presumably a robot, which can independently supply power to the car, after connecting to your local mains supply. In the drawing it is seen that the car itself is proposed to charge wirelessly.

It is assumed that the robot is able to move independently, and plan your route through a system of sensors that will allow it to avoid unexpected obstacles. Below the robot is not entangled in its own cable, it certainly will provide a guiding system of magnetic and radio sensors, thanks to which he will be able to determine its position in space and the distance to the car.

The robot charges the battery wirelessly.

In the development of these and other devices are actively attended by former key employees from Tesla and other automakers. Apple continues to hire staff with extensive experience and is looking for partners involved in the development and production in this and related fields.

Another futuristic concept art Aple Car.

Designing automotive systems and their testing, apparently, are at a distance from the Apple headquarters, in addition, it seems that not even all the employees working on Project Titan, know to end, what we’re dealing with, so it is believed that Project Titan is more concerned with software for cars than by cars, but in the news it is sometimes refuted.

The power supply for Robo charger.

The above patent is only one of many documents showing the development of Apple in the field of transport. In June one of the patents Apple has registered the private system replacement battery on elektroauto. There are more ambitious patent applications, which, however, were also satisfied. And in 2018, for example, Apple has registered high voltage transformer, designed for sports cars.

Given that the presence of a patent does not mean that the outcome of such a robot is already in development and will ever be created, and hope that soon, these little helpers will charge their electric cars around the world is premature, but the thinking of the authors of this draft would definitely like leadership. Who knows, maybe in the foreseeable future with the next Apple smartphone announced, finally, their own vehicle.