Apple Music never had a problem with subscribers. At the dawn service in Cupertino knew that their service will be successful, and therefore preferred to limit his work only proprietary applications. The result in just 5 years, the total audience Apple Music exceeded 50 million subscribers. But it could be even more, give Apple the ability to run the service not only on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, but also on other platforms, of which on the market today is not enough. Asked get.

In the night of 5 to 6 September, Apple launched a web version of Apple Music, which is available from a browser. While it is in the beta stage, and therefore its design and functionality is likely to change. However, now the platform looks quite neat and resembles the interface of ordered to live long iTunes. However, the problems too. For example, I tried to log in several times in a row, but to do this I failed, and therefore, the web version still needs improvements and fix bugs.

There is a web version of Apple Music

How does Apple Music in the browser

Now Apple Music browser gives you access to all the functions that users are used to. Here you see the playlists, your own library, search for tracks, radio, the ability to save songs to favorites and much more. We immediately see that Apple made a web version of the service is not for casual users, and intends to develop it further.

Why was this necessary you ask? In my opinion, everything is logical. The web-version of the Apple Music company will be able to expand their reach and to abandon iTunes for Windows, since now users will be able to access their compositions from the browser. The same opportunity will be available to users of Chrome OS, Android TV and Smart TV, which to date have not had the opportunity to register in the service, nor listen to music.