Apple often delays the launch of new products, many of which users are not even aware. AirPods first and second generationsmart glasses that support augmented reality – they all for some reason, was delayed and released after the scheduled date, or not come at all, like an AR headset. Their background seems to be a success if Apple releases a product on time, not to mention how to release it early, even if it is an upgrade of the operating system with a minimal number of new features.

Despite the fact that the presentation September 10, Apple officially confirmed that iOS iPadOS 13.1 and will be released on 30 September, yesterday, the company has changed everything. Now the output of both updates is scheduled for September 24. What is the transfer of releases in almost a week, in Cupertino did not elaborate, so the situation with iOS 13.1 starting to look increasingly strange.

Before the first update after the release of a new iOS version was released a month or two and contain at least one important function. However, iOS 13.1 comes out even less than a week after iOS 13, and her only innovations — those that were supposed to appear in iOS itself 13. Well, see for yourself:

What’s new in iOS 13.1

  • The ability to share the location in Apple Maps
  • The ability to play music on multiple AirPods
  • Improved visualization of the interface volume
  • Scrolling with the mouse
  • Automation quick commands

It seems that Apple intentionally held it back iOS features to justify the release of iOS 13.1. But why in such a hurry that putting off the release of the next version of the OS a week early? I think clearly not because he wants to users as soon as possible have the opportunity to share your location with Apple Music. Most likely, the real reason is that companies need to urgently fix some vulnerability in the operating system, but make it so that the user doesn’t suspect anything. And, given the recent news about vulnerabilities in iOS, it’s real.