If before the installation of a large number of applications on the iPhone stopped out of memory (back in the days when Apple offered a maximum of 32 GB, and go with all models, 8 GB), now this is not a problem: take your iPhone with 256/512 GB of internal memory and upload there are hundreds of apps to slow down nothing will happen, it’s not Android on the phone for 10 thousand rubles in the end. But whether you need so much?

On my iPhone XR until recently, it was installed about 200 apps (not including built-in). Then took place a beta version iOS 13, the rollback failed and no backup… well, I had to restore the iPhone “as new”. No apps, only authorization to iCloud to load contacts, pictures and other information that is needed. As a result, I have installed about 30 apps and realized that this is sufficient for everyday tasks.

How to get rid of unwanted apps on iPhone

It would seem that it was possible to “clean” smartphone from programs before, but always thought “this’ll come in handy, and suddenly remove it, and then have to download again”. As a result, we do not even notice as a downloadable app, I use it from force of 3-4 times, and then remove it in a folder and that’s it. Why all this burden when without him you can do to feel comfortable?

So set up a new iPhone has become, perhaps, a new page in the history of my interaction with the phone. I came to an important conclusion: I don’t need to have on the iPhone, ten, 100, or 300 applications. Enough to leave on the smartphone programs you use once a day, week or month. In an extreme case you can download an application and then immediately remove it. So can avoid the accumulation of unnecessary “garbage” in the form of unused programs.