The present age undoubtedly can be called the century of high technologies. Agree, more recently, the existence of touchscreen phones and tablet computers seemed like something unthinkable, as once people denied any attempts of flights. However, science is constantly in motion, and soon, perhaps, we will see a completely new electronic device. And among them will be the iPhone.

Application technology of curved glass in mobile phones now does not seem innovative. We have seen these TVs and prototypes of smartphones. But some go further: for example, the most fierce competitor of Apple — Samsung, in its Galaxy Fold has used the technology of the display bent in half. However, we already know that the South Korean manufacturer misses.

Apple will release a bendable iPhone

What is stopping Apple from releasing a similar phone? Oh, nothing, just a company can not release to the market as crude product. And I think that Cupertino is unlikely to go the way of Samsung and Huawei, which would just put their phones in half. This is evidenced by one of Apple’s patents, which is different from the technology that is implemented within the gadgets on the mobile market.

In the process of production of curved glass is a high probability that the device can be damaged by harmful gas or other chemicals. In Cupertino, in contrast, invented a new equipment for production of such displays, which reduces the risk of defective phones. If it is so, then this would be a great answer to other smartphone manufacturers. Plus it’s a unique solution, which is so fond of Apple users.

New iPhone’s glass is slightly bent, but not folded in half

As you can see, it’s not an iPhone, bent face-to-face and phone, which maybe a little bend at the edges. Easier than Fold? Yes. Worse? Unlikely. Similar technology is used in the iMac, though in that case the display is slightly curved, but not flexible. The new technology will make the display glass is thinner and, more importantly, much stronger. Now the probability of damaging the display iPhone in the fall very great, and the repair of this item comes at a price.

This looks much more interesting due to the fact that it will allow you to put your iPhone in your pocket, not afraid to bend the phone. The housing in this case probably also be able to bend: here Apple just come in handy “swivel” mechanism Samsung, which it uses in the Galaxy Fold. The difference is that the housing will bend, not completely, but partially.

The hinges used in Galaxy Fold

In addition, the curved screen opens up new possibilities for interacting with content: with such straight mini cinema can be done. I like this implementation a lot more. And you? Please share your opinion in our Telegram chat.