A trade war between the US and China, despite the declared truce, continues to gain new momentum. Last week the US President announced the introduction of fees. At this time the rate of 10% will be subject to many categories of goods, including parts and accessories for all Apple products – iPhone, iPad and Mac. Does this mean that the already expensive Apple products will become less accessible to consumers? The question is rather rhetorical.

The increase in the cost of Apple products

Appropriate limits will come into force on September 1, 2019.

The initial fee will be set at around 10%, but it is not excluded that in the future the rate will be increased to an impressive 25%. This will be the case if the negotiations between the two countries will not progress and will not be signed trade agreements. This is the most negative scenario, in which the more expensive Apple technology will affect all countries of the world.

It is noteworthy that under the additional duties are not only the main Apple products, but also accompanying accessories: cables, power supplies, adapters and cases.

According to analysts, will increase the cost of production — at least 15-20%. The fact that the established supply chains will be broken, and the manufacturers will not be able to offset the increased costs.

Experts believe that ultimately this will lead to the fact that the cost of the iPhone, iPad and Mac will increase by 20-25%.

Apple will assume the costs?

However, not all are equally pessimistic. According to the authoritative analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple will not shift new costs to consumers.

The expert is sure that Apple was ready to such outcome, and to minimize the damage the company had taken a number of important steps. Among them — optimization of production and transport costs. Entry fees will of course have consequences for the company, however globally it will not affect the cost of production, and as a result, the end users.

On the other hand, this scenario seems much too fantastic. Even with the enormous amount of available funds in the accounts of the company, Apple has never been seen in such “charitable” actions.