Every year Apple releases a new iPhone, and every year experts estimate the cost of the components that make up the new. Of course, this amount has no relationship to the cost, but almost always varies only in the direction of increasing, except for the intermediate iPhone SE, which was even cheaper than the iPhone 5. It was therefore very surprising to learn that the iPhone 2019 can be even cheaper than the model released last year.

Analysts of the Bank holding company JP Morgan believe that the cost of the iPhone 2019 will be less than 30-50 dollars depending on model and configuration compared to the vehicles. In their opinion, reduction of production costs will allow Apple to keep prices on smartphones, if the United States still impose a proprietary technique of the company to import duties, from the introduction which trump talked Tim cook.

The cost of the iPhone

Such an outcome is quite likely when you consider suddenly changing the attitude of the President of the United States to China. Last weekend, he announced that America will be able to live without the cooperation with the Chinese, and therefore plans to expand the list of products subject to duties. Moreover, trump said that would have imposed Chinese goods 25-, and 30-percentage charges, if he will. In this regard, we should not exclude that even the admiration of President Tim cook, which he expressed last week, will serve to Apple’s eternal talisman.

The cost is a monetary estimate of the total costs of its production and marketing. Cost of form: materials, fuel and energy, depreciation of production facilities, salaries of staff, payments to extra-budgetary funds, overhead costs, relating to third party organizations and administrative expenses

Would a cheaper iPhone 2019

Another thing is whether Apple will be able to reduce the cost of the new iPhone compared to last year’s models. Given that we are talking about the cost of this is quite possible. Most likely, the company has recaptured the cost of the development of Face ID, as well as for the design appearance of smartphones and their displays, which this year is replaced by the matrix made by Samsung. Therefore, even if the cost of the iPhone components 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max grow up regarding the iPhone XR, XS and XS is Max, the cost can actually be lower than theirs.