Telegram, perhaps one of the most progressive messengers of our time. In a relatively short period, the developers added in app many useful functions, ahead of the capabilities of WhatsApp, Viber and many other instant messengers. However, Paul Durov and his team are not going to stop. By the efforts of developers, Telegram continues to improve – yesterday got another update messenger under the serial number 5.1. What is new is bringing this update?

New updates came out once for all available platforms — iOS, macOS, Windows, Android and Linux. Let’s understand that prepared the team Telegram this time.

Silent messages

The building has a “quiet” message. When sending the source does not receive notification or alarm sound, but the message is delivered. In some cases, this can be really useful, for example, if the recipient is already asleep.

To send a “silent” message, hold the “Send” button, and then select the appropriate item in the context menu.

Slow mode

Telegram received a new option to control the messages in the group. Now the group admin or chat can choose how often members can send messages. After activating the slow mode, users will see a special timer that shows how long you must wait before sending the next message.

New labels for administrators

The messenger appeared a more flexible system of assigning roles to administrators in the group chat. For example, it is now possible to identify the Creator of the group administrators and moderators. As before, the position is set to the next alias.

Other changes

  • In Telegram you can now configure the accent color for the night — the visual appearance of the messages and the color palette;
  • Have the option to turn off background play animated stickers;
  • When rewinding the video now displayed still images;
  • When sending videos, the opportunity to set the timestamp so the user can begin playback from the specified location;
  • New animations for certain popular Emoji.