Probably many of our readers remember those recent times when bundled with almost every touchscreen mobile phone was the so-called stylus – an electronic pen for entering text or drawing. And some people still actively use it, such as Samsung with their Note line of smartphones. Here came the rumors that in September, Apple will also show us “something” with a stylus.

It has long been said that the line “S” Samsung flagships can get built-in stylus, which is handy and won’t take up unnecessary space. Let me remind you, before the electronic pen, the company used only the smartphone Galaxy Note. Apparently, Samsung has received many positive reviews from buyers Note that recognized stylus is quite suitable tool for use with the phone.

But whether the return of an electronic pen right decision? This question can be viewed from two points of view. On the one hand, the stylus sometimes it really is not superfluous. I know a lot of people with large and thick fingers, which are difficult to get in small letters on the telephone keypad — for example, typing a new message. They really need such a helper, and there is nothing unusual.

The stylus on the new iPhone

At the same time, the electronic pen does not seem revolutionary from the manufacturer. Apple is doing everything in order to minimize even press on the screen of the tablet, not to mention using a stylus. On iPad is now much decide the gestures. To close the program? Please. To switch between apps with one swipe? No problem.

There is another option. It has long been rumored that Apple is going to develop gadgets that can recognize the human biorhythms. For example, if you suddenly start to fall asleep, reading an interesting book on the iPad, the device just feel it will “Wake” you to the morning you woke up with broken glass on your tablet.

And I would very much like to see in Cupertino went the easy route and just added a stylus to the iPhone. Yes, many people use iPad with Apple Pencil, but it’s a slightly different story and it concerns more work on the device instead of typing on the keyboard.