Steve jobs was a pipe dream. Its implementation has long been Apple can not afford. Steve was sure that the effectiveness of the company’s employees has increased dramatically would be if his dream came true – but instinct told that the time has not come yet.

In 2004, in London, jobs and Ive discussed architectural issues and design the first retail Apple store in the UK. Argued. To prove their point of view, Steve has led several ideas relevant to his dream. Agreeing with Steve, Ive started to ask questions – and Steve, apparently for the first time, spoke about this dream. You already figured it out, isn’t it? Apple Park, architecture, dream. But it was much more difficult. Steve was sure that the conditions in which you have to do the intellectual work that radically affect the results of his work. That is, if you create the right, harmoniously integrated in nature, the conditions, any challenge will be solved faster and better.

Complex jobs (office, campus, sharashka) needs to be inscribed in nature, to be from it on distance of an outstretched hand. Jobs should surround the objects of unearthly beauty – glass stairs (like in offices NeXT), for example. People need to communicate and know each other in person (and therefore in offices NeXT to the toilets were placed as far away from the jobs – to converse on the way there and back). If you don’t count a few months of its HP at the age of 13, Steve had never been an employee, and his arguments about improving efficiency and merge with nature was pure theory.

Agreed that all this must be insanely beautiful, inside and outside, nature has literally knocking on the Windows of employees of the branches of the trees, and I think it is best when you walk along the paths winding between the trees. Now, if it was a reality – with the pain Steve said. Ive thought about how he designed would be the ideal workhouse, for example of glass. In 2009, Apple managed to acquire for a very low price of 30 hectares a mile from campus on Infinity Loop. The dream began to take real shape.

Start of construction

By 2011, the size of the area for future office increased to 70 hectares, but the resolution on the construction of another office space in the city Council of Cupertino failed. At a meeting with the city Council signed up Steve jobs. He was invited to speak before the Council on 7 June 2011, it was his last public appearance. Listened to him sympathetically, but Steve is not received. “Deputies of city Council” promised to think and more time to discuss this issue.

But Steve was not in vain. When the matter with Tim cook, the city Council finally took poligeteroarilena. The construction of a glass ring (that must be called Infinte Loop) started in 2012. As with any construction in the world, costs quickly exceeded the estimated one billion dollars. Unique heavy-duty glass, the best materials and tough uncompromising perfectionism at every step. A unique ventilation system, of seismic stability. Skyscraper, lying on its side and curled up like a sleeping cat. World-class tourist attraction.


In 2017 the construction equipment left the site, in the conference hall in a thousand places, located on the highest hill of man-made landscape (Steve Jobs Theater) hosted the first conference. Inside the ring continued finishing work, heads of departments and services are familiar with their designated areas for the most part they are satisfied. But it’s so unusual, not the earth, lost inside this intergalactic ship inside. Johnny Srouji came from gone in horror, flatly refusing to move. Luckily for him, the desire of Steve to place all of the Apple employees working in Cupertino has long been unworkable.

In 2011, in Cupertino, Apple employees was about 12 thousand. All, along with those who worked in other U.S. cities and in other countries as well as in a retail Apple Store, there were thirty thousand or forty. In 2017, the number of Apple employees had grown to one hundred thousand. 60 thousand of them were not even hoping to move into the house in the form of a ring with walls of curved glass. In Cupertino it was necessary to place about thirty thousand jobs.

Friends of friends (who left Apple in 2014-15, who have remained friends in Cupertino and London (in the R & d Centre, in a huge former power station), took the move in the ring with the curved glass walls in different ways. Some in horror, some even going away from Apple, others (the majority) still, third, we still could not be found. It means nothing, probably someone likes it.

And the performance and projects exploding market after it was moved to a new building? Perhaps it was still too little time. In the old campus, which was built under John Scully in 1992-93, it was created so many amazing and brilliant things that Apple has become the richest IT company. And iMac, and iPod, iPhone and the iPod touch. And iPad. Apple TV and Apple Watch. And exerciser to develop fingers “butterfly II”. Mac Pro urn, urn HomePod. About microelectronics silent.

Come true the dream of Steve jobs?

At first glance it seems that it is a fiasco. As a work of architectural art as an example of courage and originality of thought is a masterpiece, obvious and attractive in Cupertino tens of thousands of tourists every year (most of them, among other things, visited the main Apple retail Store and something there to buy). And yet it is one of the largest buildings in the world using only renewable energy sources – 99% of its roof is a solar battery. In Cupertino is almost always Sunny and dry (although rain is there such that will not find).

Wait and see?