Less than a month remains before the long-awaited Apple presentation, during which the company will show a new line of iPhone 11. And the closer the release — more details appears in the Network. Yesterday, an anonymous employee of Foxconn has shared a new information about new products. What innovations will bring the company renewed the line? Let’s deal with it.

New color iPhone 11

According to an insider, the premium version of the iPhone 11 will be available in new bright colors. In addition to dark, white and gold design, the smartphone will also receive a dark green color. It should be clarified that we are not talking about the colored versions of the iPhone 11R, and the most expensive models. Back of the case, in all cases, be made of frosted glass.

It’s possible that Apple has begun to follow the example of Samsung and many Chinese manufacturers. Now many vendors offer a variety of gradient and iridescent colors in their smartphones. It is obvious that Apple could go even further by providing on its website a choice of specific colors or shades (as it is now sold with engraving).

Battery the iPhone 11

As predicted earlier, the iPhone line 11 will be increased for the batteries. According to the insider, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be powered by a battery with a capacity 3969 mAh. The difference is quite significant, given that the iPhone XS Max had a battery capacity of only 3174 mAh.

Together with the optimizations of iOS 13 and more energy-efficient processor Apple A13 autonomy may increase very seriously. After all, the iPhone has long lost the status of “long-playing” smartphone, why the company does not return this title?

Lightning iPhone 11

Apple is not going to abandon Lightning in favor of USB-C, at least, in the line of iPhone 11. The complete unit will remain the same at 5 watts, this means that users will again have to buy power adapter to use fast charging.

Apple’s approach here, of course, raises certain questions. Many manufacturers have long switched to USB, and the day is near when a connector Type-C will be used everywhere — in computers, smartphones, peripherals. Imagine how it would be convenient if all you can connect or charge with one cable. No doubt, it would be an elegant solution. Why in Cupertino continue to stick to their guns, is unclear.

Other features of the iPhone 11

  • Built-in memory: 64, 256 and 512 GB.
  • Double-layer motherboard.
  • The lack of 3D Touch and podernovo the thumbprint scanner.
  • Apple will remove the inscription “iPhone” buildings with their smartphones, apparently believing that the iPhone enough as it is recognizable.
  • Triple rear camera — with the main module, a telephoto lens and ultrasonically sensor. The modules will be placed on a square platform.
  • Advanced Taptic Engine with a new tactile feedback.
  • The lever silent mode, despite rumors, will remain the same.

It is difficult to say how the above information is true. We therefore recommend to treat these rumors with skepticism.