In late March, Apple announced a complex financial tool Apple Card: the company offers users a virtual Bank card with high security and quality with integration into the Apple ecosystem. There are other useful options: full and detailed statistics of consumption of resources, increased cashback and even special algorithm that tells the user how to save money on purchases. What other details are known about the Apple Card?

Release date Apple Card

Earlier this week, Tim cook confirmedthat the Apple Card will be launched in August. Initially the service will only work in the US, but over time, the geography of work will be expanded in the foreseeable future Apple Card will also work in most European countries and in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, there is no information whether Apple is planning a launch of its financial tools in Russia.

The Apple Card and Goldman Sachs

It is reported that the Apple Card will work in cooperation with the Bank Goldman Sachs and the international payment system MasterCard. The owners of virtual Bank cards from Apple will be able to pay to top up your card with Apple Cash and ACH.

The Restrictions Apple Card

A few days ago, Goldman Sachs published user agreement, having studied that, you can find very interesting items:

  • The Apple Card cannot be used on jailbroken device. Attempt to tie the card to the smartphone with jailbreak, can result in serious consequences and lead to blocking the account/device.
  • The Apple Card may not be used to purchase crypto-currencies, lottery tickets, chips in a casino. Among other restrictions, the bets on the betting.
  • Banking services will be available not only on iPhone but also on iPad. At the moment Apple is developing a special app for tablets.
  • All banking transactions will be made in U.S. dollars. In all other cases will occur through the conversion of Mastercard International.

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The prospects of the Apple Card in Russia

The Russian banking system, the pace of introduction of new technologies much ahead of USA and most of Europe. Already, many banks in Russia offer comfortable and well-designed mobile apps, advanced Analytics and even cash back (and the return of the money even on credit cards).

There is every reason to believe that the Apple Card will not be a revelation for the Russian users. In fact, all Apple’s, already have in one form or another in the Russian banking sector. Therefore, the prospects of the Apple Card in Russia is very vague — do in the financial market another player?