In 2005, OS X has a powerful search tool, called Spotlight. Proprietary search technology gradually improved by Apple and today, the Spotlight can be used not only to search for files and applications, but also for arithmetic, translation of words and dozens of other custom actions. Some of these operations can be performed using hot keys. Let us discuss this in more detail.

Built-in search tool macOS allows you to find information instantly — at the expense of timely and regular indexing of the disc. The operating system records information about each file including information on creating, editing, copying and deleting.

Thanks largely to the soundness of the Spotlight, the built-in search tool is very popular among macOS users. Developers not only created a powerful search algorithm, but also provided hot keys for quick navigation through the search results. All of it can be great to save time and increase productivity in the work points.

Shortcuts for working with Spotlight in Mac

Command + spacebar: launch Spotlight.

Command + Enter: open the selected object in the Finder.

Command + I: information on the selected object.

Command + Delete: clear the text in the search bar Spotlight.

Command + Option + Space: open a new Spotlight window in the Finder.

Command + B: open your search query in the browser.

Right arrow: to fill the query window to the selected result.

Down arrow: move to next result of search.

Up arrow: go to previous search result.

Command + down arrow: go to first search result in the next category.

Command + up arrow: go to first search result in the previous category.

Command: show the path of the search result.

Control + gesture magnification: to zoom in the preview.

Return (Enter): open the selected result.

Command + R: view the file in the program or in the Finder.

Option + Command + space: open a Finder window with the selected field search.

Some keyboard shortcuts Spotlight, if necessary, can be customized. To do this, start “System settings” and go to “Keyboard” -> “shortcuts” -> “Spotlight” and assign the desired hotkeys.