Sealing the camera and microphone on the laptop, enter the password under the blanket, tin foil hat – all before a certain point was seen as a joke. Even if someone used similar methods protection against surveillance, it was unpopular to talk about it publicly. A turning point in the case of reliable methods of protection from surveillance has become the publication of a photo of Mark Zuckerberg sitting behind a laptop with stickers on the webcam and the microphone hole. This event has given those suffering from persecution mania, or megalomania people confidence, and to follow the example of the founder of Facebook has become almost the norm for very many. And then there’s Roskoshestvo on this account spoke.

Roskoshestvo released a list of tips to ensure online safety, which showed a recommendation to seal the front lens of the PC camera and microphone when not in use. The examiners explained that it is necessary to protect against spyware that can infiltrate users ‘ devices and secret from them for them to conduct surveillance, capturing everything they do on audio and video.

Viruses for iOS

However, these programs are not just for computers but for smartphones, say the experts. For this reason it will be useful to stick their cameras and microphones. Today there are at least one malicious application that threatens both Androidand iOS. We are talking about the development of the Israeli company NSO Group called Pegasus. There is a version that it is mainly used in governments and intelligence agencies to spot surveillance, but it is impossible to deny Pegasus and the ability to spy on thousands of users simultaneously.

Than to seal the camera

For sealing it is recommended to use opaque tape or electrical tape. In relation to laptops, you can use a special protective cover, which are attached to a web camera. However, clarify Roskoshestvo, special attention should be given to the protection of the microphones. The fact that typically the cyber criminals would hardly be interested in a picture sitting behind a computer person. They are attracted to what will speak to the victim with their surroundings. Thus it is possible to extract secret information that many people prefer to keep secret.

How to protect yourself from being tracked online

In my opinion, the method of protection is overrated. The enlightened public is mostly stick cameras and microphones because of the absolute lack of understanding of how to operate their devices. Cyber criminals and secret services have nothing to do your bored face in front of the screen. If they need to about you any kind of information they are sending to your device with a virus or spyware that won’t stop sealed “senses”. She will still find something to steal from your personal photos and videos to passwords from social networks, browser history, credentials, Bank account and much more that will be able to tell more about you than household conversations household.

It is foolish to assume that attackers will not be able to find a way to install spying on you, even if discharged to zero, the device still can transmit data about your locationusing the smartphones of others as repeaters of the signal. So accept that we live in an era when to hide something important is extremely difficult, and a piece of duct tape is clearly not the most useful tool in the fight for their privacy.