According to the unwritten but well-understood by the clients the rules of “fruit” of the company, these two models should have been called iPhone 7s/7s+. But then, they are unwritten so they can be easily changed. Yourself iPhone 8/8+, unchanged in detail, kept the spirit of a bygone era – to hold a moment more than we think.

The fact that Apple decided not to call the new model “classic” iPhone “S models” may have had some deeper meaning. iPhone 8/8+ was the “S-models” twice. Just look at the figure 8: it is a combination of the two “S”, normal and mirrored. They were S-model twice: upgraded iPhone 7/7+ and the last design of 2014, with the iPhone 6/6+, radically changed our ideas about the iPhone. The world, it seems, have gone far ahead. Apple, as it seemed the townsfolk had to follow the fashion and copy the best models to stay “modern”.

But, first, it would contradict the principles of the Apple, too serious about their products to someone to copy, and secondly – the main task of any iPhone was trivial as a hole in the bagel: to sell and generate income. With the execution of the main purpose of the iPhone 7/7+ had no problems. Their sales continued to grow even during the worst months of 2016. When those who Apple was supposed to imitate, they at best did not grow. Perseverance worthy of respect – but most importantly in the profession of a magician to stop in time. And here is the model of the “double-S”.

Was it a mistake simultaneous presentation of the iPhone 8/8+ X and iPhone? I thought about it then and now. In 2017, I was definitely leaning towards a negative opinion, but it’s only been two years and now I’m not so sure. Supernova iPhone X was a product of the new era iPhone, full of innovations above all conceivable limits. That looked Steve Jobs Theater exciting, but could not be in doubt. Change is not always for the better, but there were too many. The expense of iPhone sales 8/8+ was inflicted, but not fatal. Judge for yourself: if Moscow was a retail Apple Store, I would try the iPhone X with interest and pleasure, but would still iPhone 8. Good circus tricks in the circus, in real life without them is somehow quieter.

In the house of glass, near the office of glass, in the case of half of glass

At the theatre, the walls of which were of the most durable glass in the world, a few hundred meters from the “flying saucer” from stronger curved glass, iPhone 8/8+ rear casing was also made of glass. The most durable of used in smart phones, anyone and ever reinforced with stainless steel. It looked like a billion dollars, comfortable felt – but it’s still glass. It is fragile. It can’t stop beating – and, alas, it really was a problem. Some people everything goes wrong, maybe they are to blame, but whether they should be punished for it?

Blame the Apple in the refined cruelty would be unfair. This is a fee for one of two “most valuable innovation 2017” – in support for wireless chargers. Five years after the General violent insanity of the industry on this ground, patiently waiting for the dust and foam, Apple considered these technologies to good use in the iPhone. Package inductive charger was not included, but from Apple that no one expected.

The second “most valuable” innovation was the world’s most powerful processor, inside Apple A11 Bionic, with a team of processors-assistants each with their own abilities. In iPhone 8 installed 2 Gigabytes LPDDR4X in iPhone 8 Plus – 3, but no difference in performance, the scientists found. They decided that the extra Gigabytes needed for the big screen that seems to be true. One of the strengths of iOS – intelligent use of RAM.

Introducing iPhone 8, Phil Schiller, a disproportionate amount of time devoted to cameras, which worked fantastic complex of specialized processors on the chip and unique software. In this area the competition was tough and uncompromising opponents put in a lot of effort. Each new round in this struggle, given Apple’s increasingly difficult – but the masterpieces are born in such conditions. It turned out this time. That’s just among the main advantages 8/8+ no one called.the spark of two 12 megapixel sensors on the back side of the iPhone 8 Plus, in my opinion, deserved it. But I’m no expert, so my opinion I do not impose.


Screens the iPhone 8/8+ was almost the same as the iPhone 7/7+. Same brightness, same contrast, same resolution. The media was criticizing Apple for an incredibly low (for 2017) the pixel density and not changed since 2014, for the fact that in addition to the screen which smart phone competitors occupied the entire front surface of the housing, in 8/8+ it is hopelessly outdated Home button with Touch ID. I this button is missing in the new smartphones that it is somehow less comfortable.

But some new screens iPhone 8/8+ all-was — True Tone. The technology came from the iPad Pro. The color temperature of the screen automatically adjusts to lighting properties, which the image seemed more natural. It is not a trifle, though spoiled by the abundance of commentators paid little attention to it. For eyes is very important. Much more important than a high pixel density and the huge size of the screen.

The capacity of the battery in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus decreased in comparison with the iPhone 7/7+, which could not be alerted. In 7/7+ insufficient battery life was one of the most serious shortcomings. In iPhone 8 battery had a capacity of 6.96 W*h, in his ancestor, the capacity was of 7.45 W*h In the iPhone 8 Plus – of 10.28 W*h, instead of 11.1 W*h u 7+. But not so simple in our world, eight is very good holding a charge, probably at A11, with large opportunities, the energy consumption was considerably less.

Eight was the first in the world iPhone Bluetooth 5.0. The second was the iPhone X submitted a few minutes late. The rest of the group of eight did not differ from good iPhone 7/7+, except that the dimensions of the buildings (eight was more of a fraction of a millimeter).

The autopsy

iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 Plus:

Configuration and prices

The eight was offered in two configurations with 64 and 256 Gigabytes of flash memory on Board. iPhone 8 in these configurations, unlocked and without a contract, worth 699 849. iPhone 8 Plus, on the same terms – 799 and 949 dollars. Insanely expensive iPhone X (in the minimal configuration to 64 Gigabytes) worth $ 999. $ 50 more expensive than the most expensive iPhone 8 Plus. Funny?

Starting from 15 September 2017 iPhone 8/8+ can be ordered, and their delivery in the U.S. and in two dozen countries of the “first level” started on September 22. 19 Sep iOS 11, minimal version of the system with which eight could work. In Russia, as in other countries of the “second level”, the sale began on September 29. Then, in the country’s lower levels of sales of new iPhone began before the end of November. We are in the forefront.

Strange but true: 22 September, the places where he began selling new products, as in the past it seems days, again there were queues. Not as huge as before, but everywhere. And the leader of the eights was the iPhone 8 Plus. Before that, the iPhone 7 Plus.