In the tablet segment of the industry was still calm. From a segment one by one, leaving the competitors. Remaining, to reduce the cost, used all of cheaper components and materials. Apple has done the opposite. Pointless and hopelessly trying to perform a miracle. Miracles do not happen? But Apple company is crazy.

In the first three months of 2017, compared to the same period last year, iPad sales have dropped. In pieces – by 13%, from 10,251 to 8,922 million. In dollars is 12%, with 4,413 billion to 3,899. iPad died. None of the iPad Pro did not meet expectations. But if a runny nose is not – he is destroyed together with the patient. The era of Post-PC is over before it even started. Welcome to the era of the Post-iPad! But early rejoiced. Computer sales also declined, buyers overfed and they are stuck. In March 2017 Apple made another bet in a losing game, releasing “just the iPad”.

Triumphant reports were not, and to influence the final number in the quarterly report “just the iPad” could not have sold nothing at all. While it was too early to talk about the nature of this revival: he could be short-lived, but it no longer mattered: the finish line released two new iPad Pro. Alignment was simple and clear: either they succeed, or iPad Pro, go to the valley of the shadow. On campus was not a pirate flag, but otherwise everything was like in the epic time of the creation of the first Mac, or a desperate struggle for the return of the company in the top League in the first months after the return of Steve jobs.

In the second calendar quarter of 2017 revenues of Apple compared to the second quarter, increased by 7%. Revenues grew for the third consecutive quarter. Sales of the iPad for the first time in more than two years increased. With 8,922 million units in April-June, 2016 to 10,251. On account of Apple, they brought 4,413 billion, is 3,899 year ago. For the off-season, “Just the iPad” sold very well.

The success of “just the iPad” was an unexpected side effect: sales of the iPad Pro has a 9.7 suddenly too excited. Deciding to purchase a new tablet, and not finding it cheap model no stylus or snap-on keyboard, some bought Pro. People were again interested in the iPad. But the results of the second calendar quarter and champagne at a cafe on the other side of Mariani Avenue – it was in the beginning of July. Update the line iPad Pro was launched on 5 June, in the conference center named Machinery in San Jose.

Best iPad 9.7-inch. So we replaced it with a 10.5-inch. Cheers?

Senseless and hopeless iPad Pro new generation has sparked interest. They cost is not cheap, insolently, the reviewers reported: “to Me this device very much, but I would not have bought it”. Imagine yourself the head of the richest IT company in the world (and possibly in the world), which issued a very important and very risky product. How would you respond to this statement “a scalawag and rogue”? I would, I fear, could not resist. But journalists wrote what many people think.

Tim cook made several unexpected statements. Anyway, I thought I did. First, he said that in the current lineup are two varieties of professional iPad, with a diagonal of 13(!) and 9.7 inches. He rounded the 12.9? Or just was not aware of? Or that rounding he expressed the highest displeasure of the most monstrous monster? But he continued: “the Most popular model iPad Pro has become the 9.7-inch model.” It is a fact. Well selling and most popular products are cherished. Remember the iPod mini? “So we offer something new and better iPad with a diagonal of 10.5 inches.”

In 1989 I had the opportunity to write a training program for the Business school, in their training manual about such decisions was written straightforward and almost rude – “you can’t, never, never do!” With examples of horrific consequences. Like, this is one of the basic and fundamental stones of the Foundation of this “science”. the iPod nano was unscientific. iPad Pro with a diagonal of 10.5 inches – too. The first is clear and the second had at least not rabid, but success. Because with the increasing size of the iPad Pro it was very difficult.

Most of the iPad Pro is 10.5” was longer than the longest side 9.7-inch iPad classic 11 mm, smaller by 4 mm. case Thickness (6.1 mm) was same as that of “Just an iPad” or iPad Pro has a 9.7. But 78,27% front sides of the iPad Pro is 10.5” occupied the screen. The frame around the screen has been reduced almost to a minimum, so that they could place familiar to all users, the home button with Touch ID, the second generation and the front camera. Bold, new, but need to learn new tricks there. In the eyes of the audience interest. It’s really great!

The size of 10.5 inches diagonally was not chosen by chance: this is the minimum size in which the screen may display a full size virtual keyboard. For Smart Keyboard, external keyboard, it required only 11 mm. the Rest was a matter of technique and careful adjustment one to the other. The pixel density on the screen did not change, changed his resolution. The opposite would be much worse.

Screen, heart and star

Screens previous iPad Pro was the best in the industry – they are even better. 600 CD/m2, the brightest screen on mobile devices. Excessive light is harmful to eyes, but not in this case: TrueTone technology automatically adjusts it under ambient conditions. Have you heard that color can be “temperature”? For me it’s a poetic metaphor, but judging by the results of the use of TrueTone is an element of reality. About IPS and anti-glare coating even do not want to write – the banality. ProMotion, automatically change the frequency of screen updates (in the range of 24 to 120 Hz). This is usually 60 Hz, without any extra nonsense. ProMotion provides incredible reaction speed, smoothness – and thus saves energy.

The tablet screen is the first thing that catches the eye is a very important element, that navayal engineers group iPad (and Samsung, who developed this LCD) tell almost meaningless, it is necessary to try. But the screen is just one of the important elements that a good tablet should be strong and healthy heart (it is his brain) – the new iPad Pro heart and brain was the system-on-chip Apple A10X Fusionwith 6-core CPU (it was a CPU consisting of three powerful Hurricane cores with a clock frequency of 2.38 GHz, and three energy-saving Zephyr cores with a clock frequency of 1.05 GHz), and finalized in Apple’s 12-core GPU from PowerVR. The most powerful mobile system-on-chip in the world.

All these Goodies, and exactly the same system-on-chip, was inside both varieties of the new iPad Pro. Nothing but the price, size and screen, volume, battery and weight they did not differ from one another. A large iPad Pro is available in three different color variants, silver, dark grey (gunmetal or space gray – as you like) and gold. Little iPad Pro were offered in the same three colors, plus in rose gold.

About the rear camera with a resolution of 12 MP and the front with about 7 MP I will not tell they are the real madness. Optical stabilization, the software for which any layman can shoot on a professional level. The only thing I cannot fail to mention: why is it in the iPad, especially in the “13-inch”? But “if the stars are lit, it means somebody needs it” – this from Mayakovsky.

Model, configuration and price

Have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro “second generation” were two models: the “WiFi only” weighing in at 677 grams and with model ID iPad7,1 and “WiFi + Cellular” weighing in at 692 grams, iPad7,2. That this “second generation” decided by the audience. Apple preferred to such details do not pay attention – in the style of Steve jobs. In 10.5-inch iPad Pro models also had two. “WiFi only” weighing 469 grams, iPad7,3; and “WiFi+Cellular” weighing 477 grams, iPad7,4. “WiFi+Cellular” support cellular communication, and was $ 130 more expensive than configurations without it support.

Configuration is the amount of flash memory, tightly soldered to the motherboard. 64, 256, or 512 Gigabytes, regardless of size, in the numerator the price for the option “only WiFi” in the denominator of the price for the option “WiFi+Cellular”, in US dollars:

— iPad Pro 10,5 64 GB: 649/779;
— the iPad Pro 256 GB with 10.5: 749/879;
— iPad Pro 10.5 is 512 Gigabytes: 949/1079;
— iPad Pro 12.9 64 GB: 799/929;
— iPad Pro 12.9 256 Gigabytes: 899/1029;
— iPad Pro 12.9 512 Gigabytes: 1099/1229.

But without smart iPad Pro keyboard and Apple Pencil – not quite the iPad Pro. Good for them ought to include in the package that would be very good for customer but for Apple would result in a decrease in the volume of sales (all prices had to increase to 150 or 200 dollars, which would be sharply reduced the number of applicants “this” to buy), in addition to the quarterly reports tab “Other: income from the sale of Apple TV, Apple Watch and accessories” number would be smaller. And, in the end, we would be left without an iPad Pro.

When accessories are purchased separately, the user easily parted with much larger amounts, and when it’s happy. Don’t be fooled – not sell. Apple Pencil of the second generation, with the delay of the reaction at 20 MS (now for the real professionals) cost $ 99. Smart keyboard Pro for iPad to 10.5 cost $ 159 for the iPad Pro the 12.9 – 169. Extra 258 or 268 dollars for a delicious “bells and whistles” – it easily.