Every year Apple registers dozens, if not hundreds of promising patents. Most of them, however, never be implemented in practice. However, these projects give us a rough idea of what will be the technology in the foreseeable future. Recently Apple has uncovered another interesting patent has emerged that the Corporation has developed a gas sensor for iPhone.

A gas sensor for iPhone

The corresponding application was filed by Apple at us patent office in January 2019. However, was published and the patent was just now.

Apple engineers have created a special sensor that is able to track in the air of poisonous or toxic gases. This can be really useful in practice, as some leaks cannot be detected independently — for example, the allocation of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide (CO) or carbon monoxide - a colorless gas without taste and smell, which makes it particularly dangerous. Is produced from the combustion of carbon in oxygen shortage. Toxicity of carbon monoxide is quite high and is determined by its concentration in the air. As a rule, even a 0.1% concentration in the air is enough to cause mild poisoning.

Apple patent: a description of the methods of work of the gas sensor

A promising development

The essence of Apple is to use multilayer sensor based on silicon with electrodes. The sensor will be located in the phone and will continuously monitor air quality and, if necessary, will be able to notify its owner, if the concentration of harmful substances exceeds the permissible limits. According to the description, development Apple is capable of detecting nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide, methane and many other organic volatile compounds.

However, before to introduce this technology in iPhone, the engineers will have to solve the problem with the water-resistant smartphone. The fact that the gas detector housing requires a special hole which put an end to moisture protection. However, even in this form, this development definitely has the right to life.