The last time the secret wiretapping users of Siri and Google Assistant has become one of the main news of the it industry. Despite the fact that the voice commands only needed to improve voice assistants, it caused such a stir, what nobody expected. Not only that, Apple and Google away from sin decided to turn off the tap, and there were “witch hunters”, which became a point of honor to calculate a new company that is secretly spying on its users. A long look, frankly, was not necessary.

As found by the authoritative resource on the Motherboard, Microsoft records the conversations between Skype users, including during the conversation, the function of simultaneous translation. Subsequently, these data are disclosed to the contractor, where staff analyze the conversations, identifying erroneous or inaccurate interpretation of foreign words and expressions, which provide built-in algorithms.

Skype wiretapping

In the Skype user agreement a clause stating that Microsoft can analyze the conversations between users to improve the quality of the service, but does not specify that such analysis is carried out by live people. According to Motherboard, the concealment of this fact may serve as fertile ground for large-scale litigation against the company.

It is logical to assume that Microsoft collected information includes the intimate conversations of users. But this is natural, because they do not realize that they overheard, and certainly allow yourself the revelations of very different kinds. So personally, I’d take the role of the injured party in this case those who have to listen to a young couple that suits Wirth on webcam.

To listen Skype maybe

But if you argue from the point of view of morality, of course, the Microsoft thing looks pretty ugly. In the end, you’ll find defenders who say that when people decide to communicate with each other in Skype, they do not expect a whole team of linguists will listen to what they say to each other and to interpret it.

On the other hand, you should use common sense and think. It is unlikely that the purpose of Microsoft was wiretapping as such. Obviously, this became a necessity after appearing in Skype function of simultaneous translation, the use of which enables recording of conversations. I personally quite difficult to imagine a situation in which professional linguists and translators gather in a circle and, laughing quietly, breathlessly listening to what they are talking about foreigners.