In an age when everything is laid out in Instagram and other social networks, selfie is no longer just photos. They have to meet very different demands. In addition to simple photo on the memory, they must be done professionally. Today I will show you how to take a picture so that then was not ashamed of the result.

Perhaps someone use the tips in this article will seem trivial, and they already know that, but I’m sure that someone with information will definitely come in handy. At least, as practice shows, the error of selfimages have a very permanent nature. On the other hand, stability is a sign of mastery.

It is worth noting that these tips don’t necessarily have to have anything to do with the Soviets on conventional photographs as shooting others, and themselves — these are two completely different shots, each with its own characteristics.

Error when taking a selfie

The majority of errors when creating a selfie is that the user always looks at the screen during the snapshot. As a result, we get a man who looks not at the camera but at something invisible placed behind it. These pictures look rather bad. When building compositions, it is necessary to look at the screen then glancing at the camera lens. Just look at the top side of the smartphone will have the right decision. Don’t forget that.

Also many users do not take into account the lens features a smartphone say that they don’t work on the images. The reason for that wide-angle lenses that distort images slightly. If you are shooting in a drunken stupor at a corporate party, this is an excuse. In such conditions, the pictures are made on the principle “take it first”. If the image is in normal conditions, it is worth to remember and to analyze the level of distortion. Try to take different poses or simply to twist the head. The difference you will see immediately.

How to take a selfie

Oddly enough, you do not even have to do anything special just follow the tips that will be presented in this article below. If you know something will not this article, just write about it in the comments.

The main error that I mentioned above is the neglect of the properties of optics smartphone. Of course, manufacturers often propose new solutions to improve the quality of the pictures, but the laws of physics are the only thing that can not be broken. Is no exception and one of its sections — optics.

When we take a snapshot at the wide-angle lens, which is installed in front of the camera, objects closer to the camera are highly distorted. So if you have disproportionate facial features or body shape, you can play on this. In General, it is better to take a rule and just keep all parts of the body to the maximum equal distance from the camera.




Better to be bottom

Many are photographed from below than distort the lower part of the face and just spoil the scene. No one wants to look into your nostrils, even if they are very beautiful. Just remember that.

Sometimes, of course, you can’t avoid the picture below, but in this case it is better to tilt your head and beat it. In other cases, it’s picture exactly or even a little above. It’s especially good for people with wide face. So it will look more elongated. Also in this case, get rid of double chin, if any.



How to choose light

Unfortunately, artificial lighting is not very suitable for photography in General and selfies in particular. If the first can be solved Studio lighting, selfies are usually made in “home conditions”.

However, forget about the light not worth it. Try to find a window or go outside. This will make the white balance more pleasing, to highlight the natural skin color and make the picture clearer. But do not forget that the light must not fall below or above. Otherwise you will get the dark hollows of the eyes, and will look like or are tired of deadline clerk, or a schoolboy, telling Ghost stories around the campfire.

The rule of thirds

As in conventional photography, no one has repealed the rule of thirds for cebasek. When taking pictures, try to make sure that basic elements of appearance (eyes, eyebrows and lips) were located on the boundaries of the four imaginary lines dividing the picture into nine equal rectangles, or in their crosshairs.

Even if you are unable immediately to make the correct, you should go to the gallery and crop it so that the location of the person was consistent with the rule of thirds. Such images look more professional.

This is due to the fact that the main attention is attracted to these areas, and when the viewer looks at the picture on the third, he drew the most attention. Therefore, the placement of the main elements is a good idea.

How to relax

How to relax in life known to many, but for proper relaxation in the picture it is hardly suitable. However, stand with a straight face was not an option. That is why it is necessary to keep as natural as possible.

Just imagine that you can’t take pictures, and talk with old friends on a pleasant topic. Will not notice as the person becomes what is called simpler. You can also think about facial expressions and what muscles perform you’re. After that, you should try to relax them even more. You’ll see, it will bear fruit.

Why do you need it? This will not look at a selfie as the photo in the passport. This is enough to think about it.

Also don’t forget about the right side for the shot. The apparent symmetry of the face, it’s not, and sometimes this is very obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right angle and often to substitute for a camera it.

How to improve the

Every smartphone improves the quality of the picture. Even if all additional settings are disabled, anyway, in software he cleans the noise and correct some defects of the picture as a whole. In addition, many smartphone makers are coming up with different ulusalcis were so proud and actively advertise them.

If you use these localName in moderation, they will only benefit, but if you overdo them, the result may be a little strange to frightening.

This was not, decide for yourself once and for all, whether you need them or you without them out in the images good.

Summing up

Of course, you can distribute more examples shoot a good selfie and I hope in the comments you do, but the main ones are listed above.

In order to sebasky turns out well, as in any other genre of photos to experiment and to be creative. Most importantly, avoid the basic mistakes. And it is dedicated to this article. If you can avoid them, the pictures will get better, will only have to run them through the filter of their own imagination to make them unique. Most importantly, it is not necessary for beautiful frames to forget about security. To paraphrase, we can say — the last self best does not happen.