Brand App store has hundreds of thousands of apps and games, many of which are distributed for free. These apps and games, as a rule, there is one drawback – they include ads and in-app purchases. This is especially important if your iPhone or iPad from time to time your child uses. Because at one point you can detect the loss of funds from your Bank account and see the statement that the money was spent on in-game items. Today we’ll show you how to avoid such developments.

In iOS 12 has been added the function of “Screen time”. The option was designed to show us how often we use our smartphones and how much technology has infiltrated our lives.

The new feature is great for parental control, allowing to set limits on the use of various applications. But that’s not all. Using “Screen time”, we will be able to establish a complete ban on in-app purchases in all apps and games.

How to disable in-app purchases in apps on the iPhone and iPad

  • Turn on the option to “Screen time” in your device’s settings.
  • During initial setup, specify that the device belongs to the child. This is necessary in order to set the password restrictions.
  • Go to “Settings” – “Screen time” – “the Content and privacy”. You will need to enter the password. Activate the main slider.
  • Go to the following address: “Settings” – “Screen time” – “the Content and privacy of Purchases in iTunes and the App Store” – “in app purchases”. Set the value to “No”. We reaffirm our intention of entering a passcode.

You’re done! We have established a complete ban on in-app purchases, and thereby to protect themselves from unwanted or accidental expenses.