iOS 13 can rightly be called one of the most important releases of the last few years. The company finally listened to users and added many popular and long-overdue features. Among them are the download Manager, keyboard with gesture support, and even full support for external storage. Of course, certain improvements have been made and built-in programs. For example, this article, we consider how changes to the Reminders app in iOS 13.

With the release of iOS 13 application “Reminders” has been completely redesigned. Changed as the interface and control logic problems. But about all under the order.

Updated design

The app received an updated exterior look with more convenient smart features to create, sort and track reminders. Now the lists are organized into sections.

  • All you need to do today;
  • Scheduled;
  • All reminders;
  • Marked

New quick tools bar

The Annex was added a special panel of tools for doing tasks. You can quickly add the date, time, and even an attachment with useful information. It’s all available in one interface: to invoke the context menu or switch to another screen don’t need anymore.


Now any task can be attached geotag. As soon as you come in the marked place, you will receive a notification on the device screen will display a reminder text.

Task scheduling

The application learned to plan additional tasks automatically. For example, if you create a reminder “Remind me to buy bread today at 14:00”, the program prompts you to create the same reminder, but tomorrow.

Reminders from Siri

The app received extensive integration with voice assistant Apple. Now Siri is able to analyze your messages in the “Messages” and offer reminders.

Tasks and group lists

There is a convenient sorting. Using a drag gesture or a swipe you can add to a reminder list of more specific tasks. It is also possible to group lists.

Integration with the “Messages”

If you mention a person in the “Reminders”, the algorithm will take this reminder the next time correspondence with that user.

Customize the appearance of lists

All lists can be customized to the color palette — available in a choice of 12 colors and 60 characters for subtle personalization.

A huge number of innovations brought “Reminders” on a really high level. Development Apple now can compete with the best applications in this area — Things 3 and Evernote. And given that these third-party solutions are available to users for a monthly subscription, many will now be able to make an informed choice in favor of a built-in app.