Progress is an integral part of our lives. A couple of decades ago it was impossible to imagine that smartphones will become an essential attribute of everyday life of almost everyone. Within a relatively short period, much has changed – including the Apple website. Looked like the first version of the web page the largest corporations in the world? We offer you to delve into the history and appreciate what evolution has passed the official website of “Apple” of the company.


The first version of the Apple website dates back to 1994. Rainbow logo on the whole size of the website, bright colors — now it looks ridiculous. But even then you could see the seeds of modern design. The site is minimalist — no unnecessary things.


The next version — 1996. It was then on the verge of bankruptcy, the Corporation returned its founder Steve jobs. The Creator of Apple has not had time to make changes to the main page — so we can see what it was in the days of Gil Amelio (CEO of the company from 1996 to 1997).


In 1998, the year design the website was completely redesigned. The color and shape of the buttons and their location. Changed and concept — the main emphasis now is on the products of the company. The center of attention then became the new monoblock iMac.



1999-2000. The appearance of the Apple website starts to acquire modern features. The design is dominated by the skeuomorph and volume texture.


In 2001 changed the image menu. On the main page, the company touts its first revolutionary player — iPod.


2003. Added an information card at the bottom of the website. Posters emblazoned with iMac advanced, at that time, design. The cost of these computers started from 1299 dollars.


Go ahead — 2005. Official page posters adorn the new iPod Nano and iPod Photo. The company is still widely used 3D elements in website design.


Who remembers the advertising campaign “I’m a PC. I’m a Mac”? For those who don’t know — it takes its beginning in 2006.


2007 — presentation and the commencement of sales of the first iPhone. To meet the new trends, Apple has also started to redesign the web page. The company gave the website a clean and modern look. The empty space had disappeared, and all menu items are neatly arranged in the top cap.


2008 Apple revealed the iPhone 3G. The design of the website all also commonly used reflection and bulk form.


The release of the iPhone 4 and first iPad in 2010. Almost all the space occupied by the posters with the image of new products.


In 2011, Apple has again made changes in the design of their web pages. At this time the company has redesigned the site menu, adding volume. In the spotlight — a brand new iPad 2.


In 2012, Apple revealed the iPhone 5. The company began everywhere to use high resolution graphics adjusted to Retina displays.


The next version of the site in 2014. This time the focus is entirely on minimalism. All elements of the site have lost volume, borrowing the style of iOS 7.


2015 — the company changed the color scheme menu in the dark translucent. From that moment until today, the Apple website, only changed content, while remaining in the same concept.


2017. The release of the revolutionary iPhone X. the Company uses high-quality 3D renderings and animations in promotional materials.


That’s what the Apple website nowadays.