Two years ago Apple refused Touch ID, making a bet on technology of facial recognition. Despite the fact that Cupertino announced that the new identification method and more convenient, and more reliable than the old, it was clear that the company simply had no choice. Well, not the back of the bar she was to carry the fingerprint scanner. However, this upgrade came to taste not all users because of the need to hang over a smartphone to unlock, if that is on the table. Fortunately, the iPhone 11 this deficiency will be corrected.

According to Bloomberg, Face ID in the iPhone 11 will be able to boast a wider viewing angle compared to the iPhone X and XS. To do this, Apple had to rework the device hardware responsible for face recognition, built to a camera module. As a result, the smartphone will be able to recognize its owner and unlock, even lying on the table. Isn’t that what you expect? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

Face ID does not recognize the face

Face detection

Most likely, the lack of Face ID of the previous generation, which was that the user couldn’t remove the lock, holding the iPhone upside down, will also be corrected. In any case, it would be logical, given that the iPad Pro 2018 deprived of such a defect, and it is a consequence of the features of the software.

In addition, along with the extension angle, Face ID, we can expect a serious upgrade of the front camera. At the very least, expect to increase resolution and detail enhancement photos. It is not excluded that also will have the opportunity to take a selfie with a viewing angle up to 120 degrees, as on the flagship Android smartphones.

Camera iPhone 11

But the appearance of all three iPhone 11 will be virtually identical to the previous generation, in addition to increased area for main cameras of smartphones. If you believe the rumors, the base 11 iPhone will get dual camera and iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max triple. An additional module will be responsible for shooting wide-angle images that will allow you to capture more details that will greatly benefit the Amateurs to take pictures of architecture and landscapes.