Apple’s official position is that the Face ID is about 20 times more reliable Touch ID. Some think this statement is controversial, given that the protection of the Face ID bypassing not only a 3D mask, but the twins, and even children, who had the idea to try to unlock the iPhone of their parents. However, Apple continue to insist on the highest level of safety technology, forcing consumers to question the sincerity of the company. However, as we found out, it’s true, because Touch ID can be fooled even at the stage of registration of fingerprints.

Everyone knows that Touch ID can remember up to five prints. Initially this was done to allow the user to enter iPhone or iPad all the fingers of one hand. However, many decided that in Cupertino are thus merely provided an opportunity for all members of the same family to use the biometrics on the same device. The result began to appear unhappy, which demanded Apple to increase the memory of the Touch ID, making it possible to register more than 5 fingerprints. Among them were my friends who, as it turned out, was not aware that there is a way to teach Touch ID to remember not 5, but 10 prints. Just in case I share it with you.

How to set Touch ID

    • To do this, go to “Settings” — “Touch ID & passcode”, delete all stored fingerprints, and then tap “Add a fingerprint”;
    • In the registration window of the print startapplying that one finger, then another;
  • Repeat this step until you fill all the slots;
  • In the end, in each slot you will have two impressions, and all of them would be not 5 but 10.

It is important to understand that the method described above to double the number of prints that can be made in memory of iPhone or iPad is nothing more than a palliative. The fact that in this case, begins to suffer reliability, and someone else who has a similar pattern on the finger, will get the chance to unlock your device, even if it was not registered originally. If any problems with the speed of recognition does not arise – checked.